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Your Soul Illumines and Heals

What Your Mind Can't See!

Clear Your Mind,

Nourish Your Heart,

Empower Your Soul!


Transform Fear and Pain to Profound Peace

Allow your Heart to be Deeply Nourished and Satisfied

And Open to the Incredible Wisdom and Power of your own Unique Soul, your God-Self


To become really, really HAPPY!

Guidance and support to be with your own Soul!  Tele-courses, Tele-talks, Healing by Phone!

Would you like to have an all-wise friend who is always available, to help you move over to peace—
no matter what is happening around you?


Would you like that friend to:

• Always tell you exactly what to do for your own best interests

• Actually know your whole situation--from lifetimes forwards and backwards so that their judgments for your direction are based in the very most expansive wisdom

• Give you their most reliable help to develop the very special work that you are destined to do--the reason you came to life on this planet?

• Give you unconditional love, forgiveness, inspiration and support all the time?

• Help you heal anything that bothers you?

• Help you build strong, healthy relationships?

That friend, my Dears is your Soul

Your God Self, and the very real experience of your Soul can be yours at every moment! 
Life becomes unimaginably easy and fun! 
No kidding!

Everything that you will find on this site is geared to helping you make that transition to living fully in the peace, prosperity, kindness and support of your Best Beloved, your own amazing and unique Soul!

Have fun finding what best serves you and your sweet Soul on this site!

Lots of Love,

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Amazing healing sessions by phone with that immortal yogi, Baba Siri Chand, via Siri-Gian!

FREE Tele-Talks with Babaji!


You are guided by Siri-Gian to get remarkably insightful Intuitive Readings and Counsel from your Soul, along with very effective healing energy to solve your dilemmas and difficulties, and to grow into all your Soul has in store for you—

by phone 


Profound help to become your own Greatest Self! 

May include energy healing, intuitive reading, your conversation with your most trustworthy Soul, plus possible past life regression.

Available in New Mexico and Los Angeles.



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Clarity, growth and calmness are your results. 

Truth and heart are our foundation!


We are Infinite Lights on this planet! But there are times when we are in the dark with very real confusion or pain. It seems like there's no way out. We feel cut off. We need help to resolve the situation now! Or maybe we just want to actually feel happy and comfortable on this planet! We'd like greater peace and personal expansion, along with brighter awareness of our own very unique Light.

Guess what? What we feel cut off from is actually our Soul! It has all that we need to heal, feel great, experience prosperity, be successful in our own unique purpose in Life, and to be fully and totally in LOVE!


I guide you to actually experience your Soul, to ask and receive really trustworthy answers from your Soul, and most lusciously of all--feel Its amazing unconditional Love for you! And you get effective healing, too!  This is not abstract, it is real!

But since I don't want to precondition you to that whole gamut of goodies that you might experience, I'd rather suggest that you discover for yourself those rich surprises It has to offer you!

Some of the techniques that we employ--whether on the phone or in person are healing energy, intuitive guidance, yogic technology, and past life regression--all based in over 17 years experience as a natural Healer, Intuitive Counselor and Teacher. Plus, we'll probably laugh a lot! 


am Siri-Gian Khalsa, a grandmother who is grateful to have the gifts of sharpened intuition and healing that can assist you!   And so many people say that they feel safe and loved when we do this really effective work together.

I am really happy to have discovered these amazing secrets of how to help you clear out old stuck stuff so that you can actually BE the great One that you really and truly are! And I assure you that you as your Soul is great, no matter what you may otherwise believe! 


Here I am for you, in this very beautiful rural Rio Grande valley, north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. I look out of my home office window to take in the tall blue Sangre de Cristo mountains that are today iced with white snow, poking into a huge clear blue sky! Here is where I provide you Soul Transformational Healing in person. And this is where I teach our tele-courses by phone, as well as provide healing, Soul connection and guidance over the phone with Soul Answer Intuitive Readings and Soul Coaching! Maybe you would like to take a healing vacation here!

Then several times per year, I travel to Los Angeles to visit with my sweet daughter's family, plus give Soul Transformational Healing and workshops there. What fun!


Like so very many others, I bet we can quickly get to the heart of your own personal challenge and with Soul's help, heal years, or even lifetimes so that you can actually experience the real gift of Who you are, and move into greater and greater happiness!

I look forward to meeting you and your great Soul, Dear!

Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Khalsa

Pronounced "SEE-ree Gee-AHN CALL-sah"
(The "G" sound is like the "G" in "Good.")

You can contact me at  

    Siri Gian Kaur Khalsa lives in Espanola, New Mexico and she teaches classes, both in person and via the telephone - (yes, she does tele-classes ) and does intuitive consultations, & healings.
    I highly recommend her, and in fact she is one of the most incredible healers and teachers I've ever met. She developed her Soul Gifts and is dedicated to helping others develop their Soul's Potential. She serves with an incredible joy, humility, wisdom and love. I had an opportunity to receive a transformational healing from her in July 2007. (This healing felt so Heavenly, I felt myself, the vibration of my being UPLIFTED, TRANSFORMED, healing my phsyical, emotional and mental body. )
    I've also taken her tele-classes for developing Soul Intuition which really helped me. You may already be and probably are Intutive - or maybe wonder what this class may offer that is different from all the rest out there. All I can say is that Intution is a Soul Capacity that each person has. Intution is not Psychic, but is actually your Soul's Guidinance. One aspect of this teaching is learning how to clear your channel, your being, from all the subconscious chatter and junk, so you may have a clearer connection to your Soul's Guidance. She guides and teaches you how to ascertain your own Soul's way of communicating with you... She teaches and embodies Soul Ethic, Soul Wisdom and working with her actually elevates you because her life is as that.
    Her website has alot of useful information such as Kriyas and Meditations. It list's all of her classes she offers.  Check out her website!     
Joanna-Ajeet Kaur Hill, MN  
    I met Siri-Gian at the 2005 Summer Solstice yoga retreat. I had been struggling with a particular issue for 5 years. I had made some progress on it but was still dealing with it. I sat down to have her give me a short reading at her table in the bazaar. I will never forget after sharing a little of my story is her saying, "well bless your heart" and she gave me this awesome hug! 
    I was thinking at the time that she doesn't know me at all, but she really cares and she's not judging me. At that first reading, I only told her a smidgen of what was going on. But by tuning into my psyche, she figured it out on her own! Within that short time, she also gave me some incredible insights into what was going on with me which had been outside my own level of awareness.
    Long story short, I set up another session with her. The first one had been so helpful that I absolutely needed to see where the second one would go. At this point, I was so sick of dealing with my issue and felt that this was the closest that I come to actually resolving it. As such, I wanted to see her again to continue the process. 
    At the next session, she went right into problem-solving with me so that I could begin to see my way out. It was so wonderful to have someone to brainstorm with when I really needed it. When I came home from the retreat, I put "our" plan into action. And, slowly but surely, the problem came to an end.
    I will love Siri-Gian forever for helping me in my life when I was beginning to wonder whether the problem would ever really come to an end. If she can help me with something that had been such a challenge for so long, I'm positive she can help you, too. I have since had numerous sessions with her to give me clarity on a myriad of other issues that come up in life! Wahe Guru!"
Elizabeth, Los Angeles.

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Regarding Siri Gian's Intuitive Readings:

"You are fantastic! Keep going."

Yogi Bhajan

Thank you for the session. It was one of the most liberating, elevating spiritual experiences I have had. As I write this message to you now, I still feel exhiliration when I think of the meditation. I am free from lots of internal pain.
Phil, New Mexico

I'm writing to let you know how very valuable our session was on Friday. Most of all, I appreciate your approach to it all, which is very effortless. I am grateful to be receiving the benefit of your gift and am following your recommendations - have written down everything, am re-writing it and reviewing it some each day along with some sadhana. I do feel lighter and am still in a normalizing process. Our session came at a crucial time and has really helped me to re-set the balance in my life. Thank you again and I will keep in touch.
Judy, Los Angeles, CA

I want to thank you (Siri-Gian) for being a true teacher for me. You have been there at significant points in this work I have been doing. In every conversation that I have had with you, I have always come away feeling more sane. The perspective you offered usually framed things in a way that I had not quite seen, or sometimes confirmed what I knew. You have a beautiful gift and I am grateful for your guidance.
Jill Sandleben, Juneau, AK

Siri Gian's reading spoke straight to my heart, it felt as if it were a message directly from my soul. She shares it so simply and lovingly, it is a treasure and a treat.
JM, Los Angeles, CA

Siri-Gian's intuitive readings have provided insight and inspiration beyond what I could have asked for. This, coupled with her own spiritual maturity, wisdom, and true caring have helped me to recognize and access the depth of my own soul and the resources I needed to face some of my greatest challenges. I am eternally grateful for her presence in my life.  Mata Mandir Kaur Khalsa, Virginia

Siri-Gian is a revealer of the great wealth stored in everyone's core. Her influence in my life has been calming and informing and uplifting.  Thanks for the reading. It helped. My stomach is much better.  Doris Baker, Pennsylvania

I'm grateful that your words helped (my daughter) find some peace in dealing with (her dad's) death.
A. U., Kansas

Sat Nam and thank you Siri Gian Kaur. You are awesome!
Sat Jit Kaur, Montreal

Siri-Gian's guidance and insight are very helpful in leading me to my own answers. Having this kind of unconditional support has helped me to face issues that were initially too difficult to face on my own.
What I have gained from this kind of guidance is a deeper sense of understanding of myself; this in itself has given me more clarity and a peace of mind that continues to evolve just as my Self continues to excite me.
Kelli Munoz, Virginia

I want to thank you for my 2 healings with you--they were sweet, profound, comforting and powerful. I told my friend that I saw you and he said with a quiet reverence, "I hear she is good...really good!"
Kewal McGurk, Los Angeles

"You worked with me on the phone back in the November timeframe. I followed your ideas of articulating my love to my mother in a letter for Thanksgiving and she loved it. It changed my energy, and my business and life have been great for 4 months."
G.B., Connecticut

Everything that you had said has somehow made a lot of sense in my life.

Regarding Monthly Soul Answer Guides:

This is the best personal growth tool I have seen in a long time. Very powerful for people earnest and sophisticated about their spiritual path. Amazing guidance each month, right in my inbox!
GuruMeher Singh Khalsa, Life Coach, Los Angeles, CA

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In our work together, I ask that you judge how this Soul Answer information feels to you.  Do you have that real sensation in your gut or your heart that says this is right on?  Does it "click" for you?

If so, then please listen hard and take it to heart.  If it doesn’t feel true or you don’t understand what I am telling you, then let me know right away and we’ll work on clarifying it.  And if you still don’t get it, just drop it!  But never, ever act on something that I say just because I said it.  Please process all information through your own psyche with clear understanding and responsibility on your part.  What you do with this information is completely up to you.

And if what we talk about really turns out to be of no use to you, then of course I will easily refund your payment.  (Refunds from PayPal may be made up to 30 days after the original payment.)


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