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Yes, I am Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa!

I'm so happy to visit with you, Dear!


As you have probably figured out by now, I love helping people connect with their own amazing Souls, their God-Self!! You can't image how very deeply satisfying it is to see so very many people drop their difficulties, and come out bright and shining in the Light of their own Soul with such a greater recognition of Who they are and how to go about creating a really happy life!

People ask how I learned to be a healer. Well, Jesus as the Sacred Heart appeared to me in 1975 to let me know I was a healer. I didn't even know what a healer was! But he taught me how to raise the healing energy from my heart, using breath and to extend it to others. He told me to practice that! A few months later, I found that same exercise in a Kundalini Yoga manual that had been taught by Yogi Bhajan!

So, a few months after my experience with Jesus, in Jan. 1976 I met up with Kundalini Yoga!  My heart magnetically pulled me to class every evening!  Yogi Bhajan, who brought these very powerful yogic technologies to the West became my extraordinary spiritual teacher, and he continues to guide me in helping folks even though he left his physical body in 2004.

Also in 1975, I began to "hear" amazing monologs of Truth. I was told that I would be repeating what I heard to others in the future. My response then was, "No way!" I was sure that I would get put in a looney bin if I told anyone about that! The same with the healing!

But in 1991, all that changed when I very quickly began this very wonderful and sacred work. And look! Here I am telling you all this on the very public internet--primarily to encourage you to accept your own spiritual experiences. It's OK!  The world has progressed!


My beautiful and bright daughter, Siri Atma Kaur, who is a chief auditor for Los Angeles and a White Tantric facilitator; her fine husband, GuruMeher Singh who is a terrific yoga teacher, teacher trainer and life coach; their sweet and vibrant daughter Surya Bahadur Kaur, who is in elementary school--all live in Los Angeles. And their funny and smart teenaged son, Har Narayan Singh lives at our amazing school in India during the school year and comes home to LA for the summer. So, you see, I am very happily a grandmother!

Now, with all these "unusual" names, you may be wondering what's up! We are converts to Sikh Dharma that originated in Northwest India in the 1500's. We absolutely don't try to convert anyone, but do our best to support everyone's own spiritual practices and beliefs. The core idea is that all is God, and that everyone and everything shares in this Infinite Divinity! In 1976, I had finally found a path that believed the same thing that I did, but had practices, teachings, a teacher and community!  And this is called a Dharma because there is no ideology as with a religion. Rather a Dharma is a system of spiritual practices, which I have found most effective! So, that is why you see me wearing a turban as a Sikh.

We also practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation which have such extraordinary effects on healing one's psyche, and body and open one to their very Soul! This yoga is totally non-denominational. The teaching organization is known as 3HO, that is the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization. To find a teacher in your area, please click here.

Yogi Bhajan is the one who brought this wealth of spiritual teachings to the West, and I can't tell you have many of my longings and yearnings he has fulfilled in doing so! I am so grateful to him for his indescribable depth and for creating this most amazing worldwide community of spiritual family!

I would love to meet you at our annual Summer Solstice gathering here in New Mexico. You certainly don't have to be Sikh or a practicing Kundalini Yogi to come, but you would need to dress in white cotton for a lot of the time! So, if you are really serious about your progress on this spiritual path, this event, with its very powerful White Tantric Yoga is beyond expectations!  Or, if you are a woman, try this fabulous Women's Training Camp!


I would really love to work with you to find your very own Soul and to create a deep, dependable relationship with It!

As you can see, we can do this one-on-one over the phone with Soul Answers which includes Healing and Intuitive Consult, and Soul Coaching, a more economical series of sessions to help you open up your very own pathway in your Life!  And we can do Transformational Healing in person--usually in New Mexico or Los Angeles! Also I teach you how to open to your sweet Soul with wonderfully supportive group workshops--both as tele-courses on the phone and in person.

Although my travel schedule used to include any number of places in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean and Japan, with the introduction of web and phone based contact, I have wonderfully simplified my travel! So, paradoxically, now that I stopped traveling extensively, I can serve anyone anywhere in the world who is on the internet and has a phone! Great technology!

So, right now, you can find me in person in the beautiful Espanola Valley in northern NM, as a member of our most cozy Sikh/Kundalini Ashram Community, which is a ½ hour drive north of charming Santa Fe. Then I travel several times per year to Los Angeles, CA to teach workshops, to serve you with really effective Transformational Healing sessions, and of course to visit my loving family!

If you have any more questions for me, you can reach me at . I look forward to us meeting on the phone, face to face, and Soul to Soul, Dear! We'll have lots of fun discovering the Real You!  So, why not schedule your session now?

To find Kundalini Yoga books, music, healing teas and lots of other products, please click here for the Ancient Healing Ways site.

JOKES--for the fun of it!
What did one intuitive reader say to the other intuitive when they met on the street?
"You're fine!  How am I?"
What did the Buddhist monk say to the hot dog vendor?
Make me One with everything!

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