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These Locks are from the Kundalini Yoga Manual, “KUNDALINI YOGA/SADHANA GUIDELINES,” written by MSS Gurucharan Singh Khalsa according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and published by KRI Publications, copyright 1978, page 41.  Used with permission from KRI.The wonderfully revised edition is available at Ancient Healing Ways .






There are certain combinations of muscle contractions that are called bhandas or locks.  These are very frequently applied.  Each lock has the function of changing blood circulation, nerve pressure, and the flow of cerebral spinal fluid.  They also direct the flow of psychic energy, prana, into the main energy channels that relate to raising the kundalini energy.  They concentrate the body's energy for use in consciousness and self-healing. 


There are three important locks:  jalandhara bhand (neck lock), uddiyana bhand (diaphragm lock) , and mul bhand (root lock).  When all three locks are applied simultaneously, it is called maha bhand, the great lock.



MUL BHAND or Root Lock

MUL BHAND, page 41 of “Sadhana Guidelines.”



The root lock is the most complex of the locks and it is frequently applied.  It coordinates and combines the energy of the rectum, sex organs, and navel point.  “Mul” is the root, base, or source.


The first part of the mul bhand is to contract the anal sphincter and draw it in and up as if trying to hold back a bowel movement.


Then draw up the sex organ so the urethral tract in contracted.


Lastly, pull in the navel point by drawing back the lower abdomen towards the spine so the rectum and sex organs are drawn up toward the navel point.  This action unites the two major energy flows of the body: prana and apana.


Prana is the positive, generative energy of the upper body and heart center.  Apana is the downward flow of eliminating energy. 


The root lock pulls the apana up and prana down to the navel point.  The combination of the energies generates the psychic heat that can release the kundalini energy.  This lock is applied with the exhale.  It is also applied on the inhale when specified.



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