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This is a speeded up version of Long, Deep Breath.  Please click here to learn the basic breath.
To do this breath, forcefully contract your diaphragm, and pull your belly in.  This will push the air out of your lungs.
Then relax your diaphragm and belly.  This will draw air into your lungs.
The air always moves through your nose unless otherwise directed, not your mouth.  The breath is quick--one breath every one to three seconds.
A tip:  Be sure that you are breathing from your diaphragm.  If you are breathing quickly from your chest, you will most likely feel faint.
What Breath of Fire Will Do for You
From the yoga manual ""survival Kit, Meditations and Exercises for Stress and Pressure of the Times," by Yogi Bhajan, published by Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), Copyright 1980 by Yogi Bhajan, page 49.  Used with permission from KRI.  This manual is available from Ancient Healing Ways.
  • Cleans the blood in three minutes
  • Stimulates the solar plexus to release natural energy throughout the body
  • Raises the voltage of the nervous system
  • Produces a global alpha rhythm in the brain when practiced correctly
  • Increases physical endurance when needed in a survival or competitive situation
  • Strengthens shaky nerves
  • Stimulates the navel point to generate constancy in both your mental and your physical realm.  For example, it can help correct inablility to keep  a promise, inability to concentrate through distracting factors, etc.
  • Can help overcome addictions and cleanse you of the bad effects of smoking, drug-taking, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine.
  • Expands lung capacity for all round better health and happiness
  • Helps focus the mind
  • Expands lung capacity in a case where someone wants to suspend breathing for a longer period of swimming underwater
  • Produces energy, mental and physical for the entire system
  • Releases toxins and deposits from lungs, mucous lining, blood vessels and cells
  • Helps you regain control in a stress or survival situation
  • Charges your aura and circumvent force to give you greater protection against negative forces

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