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When folks come to me for readings and healing, I see very distinct patterns that are set within their energetic system that makes up their EGO--their operating structure. "Ego" per se is not really a bad word!

This sense of self appears to be constructed from "Trances" from past lives and from this life, and also by intricate patterning from our parents. So, I want to explain to you how all this works so you can make it work for you!

Also, this information about the ego is the foundation for more newsletters in this series that will address PAST LIFE TRANCES, CHILDHOOD TRANCES, and THE FRUITS OF TRANSFORMATION!


November 24, 2015 & January 5, 2010

How in the world could you take a holiday from all of your hurts; those people who clash with you all the time; all that stuff that makes you mad, really mad; and especially that feeling of being down, down, down?
You know what I mean, don’t you?

All those yucky feelings that come back again and again.  All of that stuff that keeps happening to you—OMG, over and over again.  Must be Karmas?

Well, can you imagine that it might all be a matter of trances—yes, electrically charged trances that play out in our psyche over and over again as they get triggered?

But they seem so real!  Aren’t trances something that you are unconscious of? 

Yes, definitely we are unconscious of the fact that what we fear, what we hold back, what we judge, what habitually causes us pain, and so on is actually a sort of electrically charged virtual reality that was fixed in us either earlier in this lifetime, or even in another lifetime and then played out through our psyche over and over again as it is triggered! 

And we believe that this feeling, this being overcome by these certain emotions or body pains is the objective reality—really the REALITY, and they are just too important to overlook.  They MUST be engaged in because there are “consequences” here.

For instance, perhaps we feel that we don’t have enough money to cover our expenses.  This brings up all kinds of fears of being put out on the street, disappearing from the Earth, being ridiculed and degraded, starving to death.  Yikes!

But if we did some regressions, we would find that we have been there and done that over and over again.  It is that ingrained virtual reality trauma that stays in our system ready to be activated at any time.  That is a Trance!  Can you imagine that we all carry an enormous amount of these Post Traumatic Stress Disorders around with us all the time?

And the real problem is that this electrical charge, like a computer virus carries with it a very deep ordering of the creative energies that actually draw to us what we fear most, what causes us the greatest pain, and so on.

So, look at all those overwhelming recurring scenarios—name yours.  Whether it is fear of certain interactions with people, not quite having your success available to you, gut pain when you try to get close to someone, and so on—begin to see it impersonally as a trance.

Now, would you like to neutralize the electrical charge of that trance so you don’t have to get hit with it over and over again?

That is where your conscious intention, coupled with our incredible yogic tools come in!

The first thing is to realize that this is a trance and do your best to not get suckered into taking this overwhelming emotional playback of that same old junk seriously, yet again.  Well, do as best as you can.

Then employ some amazing tools!

You know that my very most effective favorite is the mantra Gobinday, Mukunday, Udaray, Aparay, Hariang, Kariang, Nirnamay, Akamay.  Just hang onto it with all your might.  Force your mind to stay with it day and night, shouting it, singing it, whispering it—however you can keep it grappling with your consciousness.

That sound current has the actual ability to neutralize the electrical force of that charge!  What a relief when you realize that that old dog of a trance has finally turned loose!  Yay!  Breathe easy.

Now, here is a whole page of things that will also serve to free from your slavery to those old recurring trances.  What an incredible and expansive feeling it is to be FREE!

Then your creative energies can finally attract real prosperity on all levels that are actually your birthright.  Don’t you love it?  Try it!  And Keep Up. 

We all have lots of trances to take aim at like shooting ducks at the penny arcade.  So, don’t give up.  Just hone your skills for the adventure of it all.  I can assure you, the rewards of peace and power are very, very real.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright 2010, Siri-Gian Khalsa,   

You have my permission to copy this to another site or blog as long as you put in the above copyright and website information. 


#1, EGO POWER, Switching Generals

July 11, 2017 & July 17, 2006

All through the early stages of my spiritual quest, all opinions about the Ego were definitely and thoroughly negative and the idea was to get rid of it!

I tried to let go of mine, but found myself becoming a ghost who had no presence, no projection, no real opinion on anything, and developed difficulty thinking and making decisions!

Then, at those early days of Khalsa Women’s Training Camp, Yogi Bhajan would bellow, “Nobody has a greater ego than mine!” Needless to say, that shook me up! So, I have spent some time now examining this thing called ego, both in myself and in others who come to me for healing.

What I have found is exactly what Yogi Bhajan told us—Ego is identity!

EGO is a strongly held “belief system” that is in fact the powerful deep seated subconscious traffic controller and processor component of our energetic system. Our ego is built from all our old experiences— both from this lifetime and others, and it processes all our emotions, thoughts and actions based on all those configurations of experience.

In that way, our ego builds up a certain unique “flavor” that defines each of us—our capabilities, our outlooks, our goals and desires, as well as our impact on our world. It is our basic sense of self. And it is the “mechanism” with which we understand and deal with ourselves, as well as being the “wiring” for projecting and interacting with other people and the rest of creation. So, a strong, powerful ego has presence, opinions, and ability to make and hold decisions; it can put itself “out there”— whether for good or ill! Or it can work powerfully behind the scenes as well. At this point, our limited ego subconsciously controls all that we do and are.

Spiritually, the problem with our ego is that this “regular” sense of self holds itself paramount for the sake of preserving itself— which is your apparently real self. This is what is at work as we go through myriads of spiritually unconscious lifetimes, creating and solving predicaments.

But when we finally jump on our return cycle towards Home—Divine Union with the Infinite— or if we just want to be happy, the challenge becomes to loosen up these old patterns of our short sighted, finite ego. That way our ego, our automatic operating system can become transparent to allow all processing, projection, intelligence and responses to come not from past habits and experience, but directly from the Infinite Source!

Yikes! What a challenge for our poor little egos to let go of being the General in charge of our whole operation, to become the humble servant of the wholly creative Infinite Mind by faithfully and unquestioningly carrying out Its’ “orders”! That is the True definition of humility!

So, that’s what healing is all about— loosening the ego’s old binding habit patterns to become so open and transparent that, by way of one’s conscious reliance on strengthened intuition and expanded energy flow, the Infinite can operate fully through one’s personally unique prism of a structurally strong, but fully humble ego! Whew!

This is what it means to be fully Conscious, or Self Realized! Then you really know Who you are. Your ego fully supports your projection and sense of Self, which is totally powerful and open to every possibility at every moment because your true Identity Source is unshakable! When Yogi Bhajan said, “I dwell in God,” he literally meant that his finite but powerful, one of a kind ego lived entirely from the ever-creating Infinite Identity! And that is the Destiny for all of us, whatever our amazingly distinctive course is to reach it.

Now, the problems come when “trances” from past lives, and our childhood “trances” sneak up on us and take over our short-sighted ego. And we actually identify those trances as our true selves! But when those trances are fully transformed, the product is an open-to-the-Infinite ego plus genuine Wisdom. More on those trances and their transformation in Soul Answer Newsletters to follow!

Here’s a powerful mantra to repeat over and over to your subconscious identity, especially while in meditation: “God and me, Me and God are One!” Try that on your ego for size!


Living Our Own Video Games!
January 29, 2019 & August 1, 2006

When people come to me for healing— sometimes for healing from the pain inflicted by their “loved” ones, I have recently been startled to find that during the course of a person’s life there appear to be switches that turn on their living from a past lifetime—with all its outlooks, privileges, difficulties, politics and so on carried over to right here in the present! This appears to be a whole energetic world, something like a vivid video game that slips right over this current life and melds with it, causing the person to go into a sort of trance! Their behavior can change entirely— for the better or for the worse!

For instance, I saw a loving 7 year old boy start aggressively ordering his mother around. Suddenly I yelled at the boy, “You’re not a Maharaja in this lifetime! You’re an American!” The boy sort of shook, like coming out of a dream, and never ordered his mom in that way again.

I have always understood that we bring an enormous load of past life material into this life, and that it is a cornerstone foundation of our personalities, or sense of self—our egos. You can see that with any young child. They absolutely have their own personalities from the very day they are born!

Since I do past life regression with folks, I have seen the depths of pain and torment that can be stored in one’s energy system from former lives, and amazingly how they can process it for the better in this lifetime.

I have also seen how a happily married person can meet someone from a past life and fall blindingly “in love” with them, and immediately have a fully established agenda of love/hate, fear/recklessness and so on that they didn’t have with their spouse! But when this person really “sees” that relationship for what it was from the past life, they can begin to get a grip on the whole “real” picture to solve old hurts and habits, so they can move into current reality.

Our very real experiences, held subconsciously dictate our current outlooks and emotions until we transform or process those strongly held energetic patterns, by:

  • Consciously and courageously re-entering that trance through hypnosis or meditation;
  • Using the energetic healing power of mantra, Kundalini Yoga, consciousness and breath:
  • Conscious re-training of habit;
  • Joining with the energetic re-formatting abilities of a really good healer.

Generally, having been royalty—king, queen, or emperor is a special challenge. These folks often deeply seem to believe that all the world belongs to them, so all must do their bidding and give them everything that they desire because it all simply belongs to them (theft, etc.), and they must control all (manipulation). What a load to carry! On the other hand, when such a person of “royal” experience transforms all those self-limiting ways—when they open to the guidance of the Source within them, they can become amazing administrators and leaders who care incredibly for all within their leadership and powerfully work to support the expression of every individual and promote the good of all! Although this may occur in some parts of one's personality before it happens in others.

And I have worked with so many who have been amazing healers and sages in former lifetimes, but now they hide their stupendous gifts, sometimes even from themselves because of a subconscious fear of bringing on again the outrageous torture that they suffered at the hands of those who found their abilities threatening, or because of what their tormentors inflicted on their families and communities for their association with these healers in the far distant past. But it is a great delight to see such a healer transform their pain so that they can become a fearless conduit of the Infinite Source! In the process of healing/transformation, they develop a powerful and courageous compassion that they would not have otherwise.

Some physical pain and obsessions can also be the result of such “distant” difficulties. One young lady found that her obsession with washing her hands was the result of past life sexual abuse by her father. And with help, I let go of the pain of having my sword arm severed at the shoulder in former times before rotator cuff surgery last year. Everyone was amazed by my rapid recovery!

On the other hand, I am also seeing folks who have worked hard on themselves for several decades—changing those bedeviling patterns in this life time that may be recognized only as unhealthy or unworkable emotions that are in fact the handles to their past lives. As a consequence, they are now beginning to open to their Destinies!

How wonderful it is to see the Light of all these great people who will be world teachers, healers and leaders in the future times here on Earth beginning to come into their own! And it happens because they have squarely dealt with so much to relieve the mesmerizing trances of the distant “past” so that the flow of Light of the Infinite can move much more unimpeded through their well formed, strong but freed up personally unique egos. What a joy to watch!

You can use any and all of the Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and Meditations to help you transform your Past Life Trances. But the most extraordinary one is White Tantric Yoga.  You can get information and see the schedule by clicking here!


It's really "MY WAY" after all!
June 11, 2019 & August 15, 2006

You can’t believe how many people shriek in horror, “No, I can’t possibly believe that I picked out my parents before I came into this body! I couldn’t possibly have done that to myself!”

Well, Dears, that’s how we do it! We pick out not only our parents, but the locations where we will be born and live, the time of our birth to imprint particular astrological planetary pulls on us, our abilities and disabilities to manifest in this life, our friends and “enemies,” and so on down the line.

We do all of this to lay out circumstances in which we can meet a specific array of our karmas* from our own past lives, and to establish situations to develop ourselves this time around. And since you have an interest in this kind of thing, you are most likely on the road to seriously paying off those karmas to become karmicly “debt-free” for the purpose of consciously re-merging with the “Great Oneness!”

As a matter of fact, I was working with the spirit of my former husband for a couple of weeks after he had passed from his body, and at that point he had actually become a luminescent orb. The final thing he said was, “In my next life, I’m going to be a woman who takes care of a troubled man in Lithuania!” Having taken care of him for a number of years as a troubled man in this life—in the U.S., that is, I yelped, “Oh no, don’t do that!” But at that point of his elevation between lives, he had absolutely no inclination to consider “What do I like? What are my favorite things? What's easy?”

No, it was an indisputable decision based on knowledge far beyond earthly preferences, personal hopes and dreams, and so on. That decision was omnisciently rational far beyond personal emotions! His pure soul was arranging things for him to systematically meet up with certain karmas and lessons in his upcoming life.

So, before we come into this life, we actually assemble our own “trances,” which hold our outlooks, our habits, our reactions, our natural tendencies and abilities, which form the basis of our unique personalities in this life. In fact, these trances are engines of intelligent energy that drive how we operate in this world.

Now, these current life “trances” are drawn together from, of course, our past life trances, plus what we learn and solve—or don’t solve of our karmas while we are here, our experimentations with our capabilities, our successes, our failures, and so on. And, our genetic make-up, primarily our nervous and glandular system—which are our body’s primary communicators with our energetic system directly interact with these energetic trances.

But there is yet one more thing! That is the “wiring” of these current life trances! To my “intuitive eye,” it appears that babies are born with their full energetic potential, but it is not yet fully operative. This potential “looks like” a lovely, delicate and translucent cloud or cotton candy around the little bitty! As you know, infants go through tremendous physical transformation in their organs, nervous systems and whole bodies as they grow. So, the same appears to happen with their energetic potential.

But here’s the catch! An adult seems to have a network or grid of energetic wiring that carries signals, intelligence, etc. throughout their energetic system. The energetic intelligent “bits” traveling along one’s unique “wiring” system enables one to create actions, understanding, etc. And the actual pattern of wiring connections has a fundamental effect on how information comes together within a person, affecting their awareness and actions.

And, get this—an infant’s wiring appears to be formed on its parents’ wiring pattern!

So, our parents are not only the progenitors of our very DNA, but also form the basis of our energetic patterning that influences how we perceive and act from an energetic or “trance” standpoint! Then it’s no wonder that Yogi Bhajan always admonished us to overcome our “father phobias” and our “mother phobias.” As we transform ourselves and learn to fully love, forgive and accept our parents for who they are and what they have given us, we free and elevate ourselves to become who we have chosen to be. We become Infinitely responsible for evolving towards our own Destiny!

Yes, we pick our parents very carefully!

For a Meditation to Release Childhood Anger, please click here!

*KARMA is the Law of Eternal Justice in which our actions are returned to us in kind, whether in the same lifetime or in another. We could perceive those return actions or “karmas” as either hurtful or helpful as we experience them.

But in the long run, facing “bad karmas” and transforming our selves can afford us the opportunity to “pay off our karmic debt.” And in our transformation from being hurt, etc. we can develop wisdom and strength that we could not do in any other way! Feelings of being punished or guilt for incurring bad karma only stymie our transformation process.

On the other hand, we can also enjoy the benefits of return “good karma” as well. So in that case, it’s best to be grateful and not boastful, selfish, etc., thus racking up yet more karmic debt!

More about TRANSFORMATIONS in our August 29, 2006 Newsletter. So, as always—“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is extremely practical advice!


Phone Home!  Dial Zero!
July 16, 2019 & August 29, 2006

Transformation is the easiest and the hardest of all processes. It is the easiest because we are all called to do it. There is no life without transformation or change, and there is no hesitancy to change if you really, really get what the rewards of the change will be.

But the problem is, the ego doesn’t really get it. All the ego can do is pine for itself in puddles of self pity, self righteousness, or unquestioningly defend its turf—“right or wrong,” this is me! And of course the heavy load of habits, ingrained reflexes and outlooks from all our trances, plus fear of not knowing Who we will be if we let go and change all figure into this leaden boots resistance scenario.

So, what to do? This is what to do. Go to Shunia, the “zero” point. The place that is timeless yet holds all time and space! Be in that place of absolute, total neutrality— yet knowing, feeling, seeing, hearing, experiencing and so on of all things great and small. But also be sure that you stay deep within the full cognizance of the Great Suspension. That means staying at your “center,” not mentally wandering, but being softly, energetically expansive and incorporating all.

You can start with your concentration at your third eye, then witness all that there is, both within and without! Be present, but don’t be swayed to gallop off on your own thinking road! Stay centered and present. Be gentle but firm with yourself. You may find that all your senses will become heightened, and so all your impressions more vivid—but don’t be captured. Just stay with the scene—including any emotions—whether overwhelming or just non-invasive. Feel any bodily sensations, but don’t get involved with them. Just patiently sit with yourself and your surroundings. Be kind, be calm. Who but you can be this present for You?

Let all the emotions, the hurts, the joys, the responsibilities, the successes, the shortcomings, the itches—anything just be held in an expansive way, and sit with it. Don’t cut it off or disregard it; just sit with it. This is a great method to allow the energy of your trances to unravel, and to let your Infinite Lover just slide fully into your presence to make Its kind and gracious home within you! Such a simple way for your ego to take a break and love serving its True Love!

Let the “steam” of all that struggling trance energy free up and let it float—not holding on to it, but being precisely, yet softly present to allow it to fully pass through you as it will. Let your trances softly rearrange themselves to serve this Great and Open expansiveness that actually feels like the purest and strongest feeling of home you could possibly imagine!

And, of course BREATHE! Your full, flowing breath is also one of the greatest re- arrangers of our tightly held trances. Take the time, take the Self Love, and just let yourself be You! It takes commitment, but once you get it down, the ease of Shunia—the “zero point” is stupefying! Bless yourself and Zero! This is Home!



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