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Used with permission.  From the book "God, Good and Goods", stories told by Yogi Bhajan, compiled by Tej Kaur Khalsa. Page 149. Order this book by e-mailing .   $12.95 + shipping.

The Angel Who Used Flattery
Feb. 14, 2012

There was once a sadhu (one who has a strong and daily spiritual practice) who did so much yoga and meditation with so much perfection that he became very powerful.  His mind became so strong that he could do extraordinary things.  His mind was so powerful that he could just think something and make it happen.  He learned to play a great many tricks on people and enjoyed himself very much.

One day it came time for his life to be over with.  It was his time to leave the Earth and go on to the next stage.  The messenger of death, Gabriel, was sent with a summons for him.  When Gabriel arrived on the Earth, he looked all around for this sadhu.  But much to his surprise, instead of there being just one sadhu, he found this sadhu had turned himself into hundreds of sadhus who looked exactly the same.  Gabriel was very confused, and finally gave up trying to determine which was the real one.

So Gabriel left and went back to God and said, “Almighty God, I am back.”

God said, “Where is that sadhu I sent you to get?” 

Gabriel said, “Well, there’s a problem.  When I got to where he lives, there were about three hundred of these guys who all looked exactly alike.  They all said the same thing at exactly the same moment.  There was nothing I could do to pick out the real one.”

God said, “Did you call his name?”

He said, “Yes.  I’ve tried everything that I was trained to do.”

God told Gabriel. “You have not used the test of ego.”

Gabriel said, “What’s that?” You’ll have to teach me.”

So God whispered something into the ear of this angel.  “This is my plan.  Now go and do it.”

So the angel, with the summons in his hand, went back to the Earth.  He went back to the sadhu, and stood before him.  Gabriel laughed and said, “Ha, ha.  Look at what you’ve created!  What a creation!  What a fool I have been to waste my time serving God for all these years.  I never knew that a man like you existed.  Look, you’ve actually created your own image and multiplied it to such perfection!  God is just an idiot compared to you.  Who needs God?  I’d like to serve you forever and ever and ever and forget this dirty job that God has me doing of bringing people their death summons.  But….there is one small little thing that seems a little bit wrong.  I wish I could talk to you about it so I could understand things a little bit better.”

The sadhu was so flattered by the praise of the angel, that as soon as the angel said that there was something wrong, he just couldn’t stand it and he forgot everything and yelled, “Hey, what are you talking about?  What is it?  What is wrong?”  That was his ego talking, and that was ultimately his downfall.  The angel then knew which one was the real sadhu, and then he could do his job. 

So remember whenever anyone tries to flatter you and tell you how great you are, it is not always what it seems to be on the surface.


 The Promise 
March 1, 2016 & November 22, 2011
     One day, long ago in the far away land of Tibet, a man named Milarepa decided he wanted to go and visit his master.  He knew that his teacher would be speaking to a large congregation the next evening at a place that was about fifteen miles from here he lived.  As he was going to make the journey by foot, he planned to start off early in the morning.  He knew he would have to travel all day in order to reach the place in time. 
     But there was another man in the village who was a very cruel and sinister fellow.  He was very envious of Milarepa.  He wanted to try and stop him from going to visit his teacher.  So he came to Milarepa’s house late that night when everyone was sleeping.  He snuck up behind him and hit him so hard with a big stick that he broke one of Milarepa’s legs. Normally, travelling fifteen miles by foot in one day would be a difficult task.  After all, this was Tibet and there were not a lot of highways or good roads.  And on top of it, Milarepa now had a broken leg! 
     But he had made a promise. 
     It wasn’t that Milarepa had promised his teacher that he would come that evening.  No.  He had made a promise to himself that he would. 
     Somebody asked Milarepa, “What are you going to do?” 
     He replied, “My leg is broken, true, but I am not broken.  My heart is not broken.  My head is not giving in.  So why don’t you help me out?   Why don’t you wrap up my leg for me?” 
     His friend was quite an expert at wrapping up broken legs.  He brought some oil and some herbs, and made a poultice which he then applied to the injured part of the leg.  Then using bamboo sticks, he set the leg in a type of cast.  He said, “Milarepa, your leg is all set, but you won’t be able to put any weight on it.”
     Milarepa said, “I won’t.”
     His friend said, “What will you do with that?”
     Milarepa said, “Just help me make the tube and you’ll see.”
     So his friend set about putting two wooden wheels together, and constructed a large round cylindrical type of structure out of them.  He formed a kind of rolling tube.Milarepa said, “Okay, now attach a couple of handles to the inside.
     "His friend said, “Okay.”  And he attached two very sturdy handles inside of that structure.
     Milarepa said, “Now set me inside.”
     His friend said, “My God, what are you going to do?”
     Milarepa said, “I am going to start rolling in this thing.  Thank God my leg is broken.  Now I’ll be able to cover the fifteen miles in just a couple of hours.  Otherwise, by foot, it would have taken me all day.  Don’t you worry.”
     His friend was very concerned.  He looked Milarepa straight in the eye and said, “Are you sure you can make it safely?”  Very few people can do this, you know.
     ”Milarepa said, “Well, one of those few is me.   Put me inside, and strap me in.” 
     So Milarepa was tied into the large wheel structure.  He said, “Okay, now start me rolling.” 
     His friend gave the tube a big push, and it began rolling down the hill.  Within seconds, that cylinder had worked up into such a great speed!  And that’s the last anyone saw of him.A few hours later, the tubular structure containing Milarepa came barreling into the town where his spiritual teacher was to speak that night.  One thing he had forgotten to consider was how he was going to stop the wheel when he got there.  He had to hit a tree to stop and he immediately fainted because the impact was so hard.
     Some people found him and brought him into the master’s presence.  They told the master the whole story of how Milarepa had arrived in the town, of how this wheel-type thing had come flying through the air, leaping over everything and finally how it had hit a tree.  And they told him of how they had looked inside, only to find Milarepa totally unconscious.
     For the next seven days, Milarepa remained completely unconscious.  He didn’t even once open his eyes.  And during those seven days, his teacher gave lectures every day.
     At the end of the week, when the talks were all complete, a disciple arrived in town and came to see the teacher.  He said, “Master, I have taken such a long time to get here just to be in your presence, but I am sad to say that I have missed all of your lectures.  Is there anyone who could summarize what you have spoken about these last few days?”
     Milarepa was lying nearby on a cot.  He had just opened his eyes for the first time in a week.  The teacher pointed to him and said, “He will.”
     Everyone was totally surprised because they knew that Milarepa had been unconscious during all of the lectures.  But it is said that Milarepa was able to recount the contents of all of those lectures within a matter of minutes, and that the man picked all of that knowledge instantly.
     And it is also said that at the end of those seven days, Milarepa’s leg was completely healed and he was able to get up and walk with no pain.
     Just as God has no limit, so the consciousness and the desire to be with the higher mind has no limit.   



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