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Siri-Gian is offering Healing Sessions for you
in Northern New Mexico
Siri-Gian is located in Espanola, NM, in the area called La Mesilla--out in the country.  
This is 1/2 hour north of Santa Fe, and 1 1/2 hour north of Albuquerque where the airport is.

Explaining Siri-Gian’s Healing Sessions.

When folks ask me what I do in a healing session, I find it a bit challenging to put into a hard and fast answer.  Each one is so different, according to their most unique situation, and evidently this kind of healing is not found with other healers, so there is nothing that I can compare it to.

I can say that I use Heart Breath Healing Energy taught to me my Jesus, or that I push on different places on your body to relieve stuck energy and to open the flow—very much like acupressure, and I can primarily say that I listen to Soul to hear how the Divine wants to open to you, to dissolve old pain and confusion, and to help you actually get your own answers from and connection to your own Soul to learn Who YOU truly are--all remarkably quickly.  It is very interactive between us!

So, it seemed to me that the best way to let you know what actually happens is to let your peers who have had one or more of these healing sessions speak about their own experience.  So, Dear One, here is what they had to say in their own words.

What a healing session!  It feels like my chest was cracked open and a ray of Light is flowing out of my heart.  I can’t recommend coming to see Siri-Gian enough.  Thank you so much for the healing.  Lilyan.

What a marvelous healing.  I feel incredibly refreshed, renewed and at peace.  It was so very easy and tremendously profound.  The shedding of so much unwanted toxin seemed so easy and the awareness that was gained in the process reflected deep inner wisdom.  I found awareness from my Soul.  Thank you.  What a blessing.  Sat Nam Wahe Guru.

Thank you so much for the session.  It deeply resonated with me and confirmed the path I feel I am on and happily aligning with.  Thank you for your gifts!  Jennifer.

Thank you Siri-Gian for your deeply healing touch and your alert channel.  Love and Thanks.  Shabadpreet Kaur

I am feeling fully and lovingly supported by your presence, your clarity, your insights, and your wisdom.  Thank you for the gift of your guidance!  So much love to you Siri-Gian Kaur.  Mahan Jiwan

I had a very healing experience with Siri-Gian where I went in really deep.  I saw many images that came up for me and she did a masterful job of assisting and guiding me to work with the images.  I feel blessed and grateful.  With appreciation.  M.

Siri-Gian holds a precious space for me to heal and grow during our time together, like I get in very few other life experiences.  In this space I heal those difficult spaces in me that open up and I feel the peace. I need to shed and grow.  Thanks.  Wahe Guru for Siri-Gian.

This session was so powerful and so deep, I can hardly find words to describe it.  It so reached the core of my difficulties and wishes to be better that it facilitated such healing in the very areas needed.  I feel bigger, better, more powerful, more forgiving of myself and others.  What wonderful growth Siri-Gian made possible and I now know how to continue growing and learning.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I felt transformed in that brief space of time.  I feel the same and yet innocent.  At first I was nervous walking in because I didn’t know what to expect and felt a little afraid of my deep inner self.  Siri-Gian helped me to laugh and smile at all that.  An intense feeling of unity flooded my body.  My Soul and my Love guided me into a new space.  I didn’t feel afraid anymore.  I felt very calm and at peace.  I feel very grateful for today.  I think I will walk through life now on with more brightness.  Thank you.  Nicky

What can I say about my experience with Siri-Gian?  There is nothing else like it!  On some level it is like distilling months of counseling therapy into 75 minutes.  Siri-Gian’s healing gets right to the heart of any pain or fear.  She helps you bring all those feelings out into the sunlight and release them.  She helps you connect to your Soul to heal, to transform, to forgive, to love, amazing!  Today was my 2nd visit and I cannot wait to see her again.  I highly recommend her to everyone, as we all have hurts that need healing.  Love and blessings to all.  Sat Nam!

Thank you Siri-Gian.  You bring hope and so much opportunity for healing to the Self.  I am eternally grateful to you and beautiful Guru Ram Das for the blessings.  Love and Bliss.  Maria

Siri-Gian, you are amazing!  I have had the need to connect with myself in a spiritual/Soul way.  You have given me that gift.  Being able to move thru experience with myself and loved ones is a blessing.  Thank you!  Leslie

Through this process, I have been able to unlock my inner, authentic truth which for some reason has been so challenging to hear previously.  For the first time in my life I am feeling free of my past traumas and disappointments and finally understanding why I am here in this body at this time.

She opens the sound current for healing.  She guides you to the place where Truth flows, the place you know so intimately and completely, the place you sometimes can’t recognize or see.  And there, there are the answers, all the answers you already know.  Julie

Quick drop into my heart and she saw my pain that was healing from a partner.  Her breath and her hands helped move the sadness and fill back up with Self and connection to Mother.  Beautiful, sweet and succinct.   Love

Siri-Gian helped me release old pain and realign with the experience of Oneness.  Sat Sangeet Kaur

Siri-Gian kicked my butt!  It was exactly what I needed to learn at this time!  A great help in seeing what I need to do in order to move forward in my life.  I am forever grateful.


Soul Answer Healing with Siri-Gian Kaur


  • ·         Unlock your habitual blocks to experience the clear flow within
  • ·         Get complete, True, reliable and cozy guidance from your own Soul, your Source
  • ·         Heal your hurts so that you can really LOVE your Self and your Life
  • ·         Discover your real Destiny in this life
  • ·         Practice Heart Breath Healing Energy
  • ·         Dissolve the hurtful and untrue pressures that block and dog you.
  • ·         Find out why you, as your Soul set up your particular karmic challenges in order to develop your amazing skills as you transform


In your healing process, we will become such a cozy and close team to transform one block after another.  As we do, you will find that you will gain such relief, wisdom and confidence in Who you are and why you are here.  You will actually experience the flow of Divine Love and Light within as you are most carefully and kindly supported to heal the hurts and conundrums of your own very unique and special LIFE!


We start with hugs and chat!  You help me get to know you and what’s bothering you.  Then you lie fully clothed on our healing table.  I will press on you in various places to bring up the healing energy, rather like acupressure.  Then I start talking with you from Soul’s guidance in an easy, cozy, non-judgmental way. But please don’t believe me unless you feel the Truth of what is said. Since this is a real team effort, we will be working together to get to the root of those hurtful holding patterns, and I will closely guide you in dissolving them.  What amazing things you will experience and learn about WHO you really are.  Step into the next profound level of your path here on Earth!

It is so simple, but amazingly effective .  Tears may come with the releases, but we also laugh a lot.  Kindness and support abound.  And finally, the Light that is the Real You shines through your whole Being!

Go ahead and give it a try!  You only have your painful blocks and confusion to lose. 

 From Dr. Karan Mann, Los Angeles

" I am doing good!  I can't thank you enough for the time you spent with me.  It was like getting 10 years of psychotherapy in one hour!  I feel like my whole life I have been waiting to hear what you told me, and like a door that has been closed for years has finally opened.  How do you begin to say thank you for that?"



When you come for a healing session, we have fun and at the same time dive deep into what emotions or situations are tripping you up, or you might like to understand how to climb higher on your ladder of spiritual being, or you simply may want to bask in the beautiful energy that flows through us both!    So, we never know in advance what will happen.  Every session is so very unique!  With this healing, you may be surprised at how much we cover in a single session to heal your pain and then find your true identity and destiny in the world!

Primarily we rely on connecting you to your own very divine Soul for your answers, as well as the many guides who give us incredible transformation and solutions as your energy, emotions, experiences and psyche are cleared and upgraded so that you may transform out of what haunts you and really KNOW the most beautiful person that you are!  And it is all done with great love, respect and integrity for you and with you.  This is very much a healing partnership where we will use true healing energy, intuition, as well as possibly past and current life regressions, healing of your ancestors to free you and your lineage, plus more.

You will be fully clothed and lying on a massage table.  I will record your session and send it to you via a service called "Hightail" later so that you can continue your healing as you listen to it.  So, you can either come with your own questions about your life, or we can just dive in.  Remember, I prefer not to answer questions that you might ask a psychic, but rather help you heal through the confusion and difficulties that may dog you—no matter how gentle or ferocious.

Some of the things that might happen are:

Healing with Baba Siri Chand, Guru Ram Das, Divine Mother, Yogi Bhajan and/or your own Soul.  Through my intuition, we will follow their lead and their very nourishing, but powerful energy and most reliable guidance.  That way you can become free and move to your next level of happiness and elevation.

My hands will be pressing on different parts of your body as with acupressure to loosen up your energy patterns and to move the healing energy through you.  We will have a very real conversation throughout.  You will be very present and aware, and we may laugh like heck or cry, or just become better informed.  But by the end, you shall have moved through lots of “stuff” that will no longer hold you back.  You will be brighter and lighter!

And afterwards, please give yourself some time to just settle back into your body before you drive away.  Very important.  You might bring a snack with you to help you ground after the session.

I do so love being with you to care for you, as well as to hold the space for you as you go through these monumental changes for the better!

I really look forward to seeing you soon, Dear.  Please call Jordan at 626-345-9750 to book your appointment in Pasadena, or click here to schedule your appointment in West LA.


Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

After your session, you might like to be aware of these things for self-care. 


Schedule Yourself for Your Healing Session with Siri-Gian!

 Approximately 1 1/4 hours--$150.  

Click here to schedule and make pre-payment. Choose the link for Healing in New Mexico, Tuesday or Friday mornings.



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