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Guru Nanak's 
The Ancient Secrets of Sacred Vibrations 

Authentic Pronunciation from


Amandeep Singh has been thoroughly trained
in the very exacting oral tradition of the
impeccable pronunciation of Japji Sahib
from Guru Gobind Singh
--creating a true portal to the Divine!

“The whole language of Gurbani (in Gurmukhi) has the power to make a person divine, just in its recitation, if done correctly.” – Yogi Bhajan

 Yogi Bhajan called Nanak the “Avatar of Brahman”—that is the Consciousness that is beyond the Universal Consciousness.  It is the Source of creation.  It is the “Word” or intelligent current from which all originates!  He is All, yet is beyond All.  In his most humble guise as Nanak, that great Consciousness itself came to teach and lead us with such simplicity to that very Source of ourselves!   

The Songs of Nanak

While in deep samadhi for three days and three nights under the sacred waters of the River Vaee, Nanak was transformed into the “Guru”— the enlightened one.  As he left the river, he composed the exquisite verses that we now call Japji Sahib.  It actually describes the “structure” of creation as we emanate from Infinity.  There Guru Nanak frames the most practical concepts on how to unite with that sacred wholeness.

Guru Nanak taught by singing exquisite songs of Truth. They are not philosophical treatises, but pure and practical.  His songs contain a language of totally unique caliber. When chanted properly in the original Gurmukhi currents of sound and rhythm, you may find yourself slipping into deep Samadhi yourself.  If you can absorb his songs, something will start singing in you, something will start flowering in you.
 All that is needed is openness and receptivity, so that his songs can trigger the most expansive energy that may have been dormant in your being! 

Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Gurmukhi encapsulates that transformative sound current that flowed from the mouth of the enlightened one, Guru Nanak.

Because it comes from the enlightened one, it became illuminated, enlightenment entered into it. With all its music and with all its poetry, every word in Gurmukhi became divine. When one reads or writes it, one also catches this illumination.

The structures of its words are like liquid. They are flowing, allowing many meanings. They have multidimensional qualities to them. Each word has its own music around it, a certain aroma, an element, a meditation, a kriya, a planet associated with it, etc. It is based on the deep yogic science of Chakras, the realms of Light within.

Amandeep Singh

 In this JAPJI SAHIB webinar series, our most amazing guide, Amandeep Singh will teach us this remarkable, but very specific Japji sound current and rhythm as handed down through the oral tradition from Guru Gobind Singh!   

It is said that as Guru Gobind Singh taught Japji Sahib in this original highly defined sound current to 42 of his students, 40 of them went into Maha Samadhi!  But the Guru kept 2 of them in this earthly realm so that they could teach this extraordinary technology to following generations.  They were Baba Deep Singh and Bhai Mani Singh. We are so incredibly grateful that Amandeep Singh has been trained in this amazing oral tradition and will be teaching this authentic Japji Sound Current to us!

To  learn more about Amandeep Singh, please
click here.  His website is

This Webinar Series is i
nteractive on your computer.  The recordings of the webinars will always be available on our Course Library Site, you can download most of the study materials.  You may take the webinar live or by the recordings.  All webinars are appropriate for beginners and practiced Gurmukhi readers alike because of the depth of new information. 

These interactive WEBINARS on your computer and mobile devices

are available GLOBALLY!

They are perfect for both those new to Gurmukhi as well as seasoned readers. 

You may take them in real time, or by recording.

To first learn the very authentic, mystical pronunciation of Gurmukhi,
you can the two Webinar Series at
either live from Aug. 20 to Oct. 8 in 2013,
or take the recorded webinars as self-study anytime. 

See the bottom of this page for a great discount on tuition
for all three of these webinar series if you register by Aug. 1, 2013.

In the USA, when you register on the PayPal page
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Webinar 3:
Japji Sahib
Ancient Secrets of the Sacred Vibrations

The Correct Pronunciation from the authentic oral tradition of Guru Gobind Singh! 
The mystery of Japji Sahib lies in its accurate pronunciation.  According to the science of Gurbani, the emphasis is more on the sound than on the word. 
The particular ascents and descents of the flowing sound, and the lengths of soundless intervals
or gaps are portals to Samadhi. 

This ancient knowledge has been handed down in the oral tradition that was taught by Guru Gobind Singh.  In the past it was insisted upon that this knowledge only be passed on by word of mouth in an oral tradition, without which the subtle sensations associated with the sound would be lost.
 This is your chance to truly enter that divine realm with every reading of that sacred poem of enlightenment, Japji Sahib with Yogi Amandeep Singh who is trained in the
oral tradition of Nirmalas from Guru Gobind Singh
and Udasis from Guru Nanak and Baba Siri Chand. 


10 sessions: Tuesdays, Nov. 5, 12, 19, 26, Dec. 3, 10 in 2013. 

 Continuing Tuesdays, Jan. 7, 14, 21, 28 in 2014. 

From 6 to 7 PM, Mountain Time, USA. 



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Once you register on PayPal, on the next page, look for the link that says "Return to Soul"  When you click that link, you will automatically be taken to the "Homepage" for this course that looks similar to this one.  Because our Homepage has all of the information to access this course, please BOOKMARK it so that you can find it again.  That Homepage will not be available from the main website.

Tuition is non-refundable because you also
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