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Here are links to some extraordinary
people and organizations that I refer folks to all the time!
Please take advantage of their wonderful talents. 
You will certainly be better off for it!

Life Coach, Yoga Life Coach, Addictions Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer:
Works by phone appointments!  And gratefully he is also my son-in-law!
Los Angeles, California, USA
Naturopathic Physician, Natural Healing, Cancer, Women's Health;
Works by phone appointments!
Ontario, Cananda makes amazing flower essence remedies! 
Among them, they have two flu prevention remedies,
one for Seasonal Flu and
I took this last year and didn't get the flu, but the year I got a flu shot, I did get the flu!
This lovely book by Mukta Kaur Khalsa, the director and co-developer of Yogi Bhajan's wonderfully succsessful Super Health yogic detox program gives you a beautifully succinct course to concentrate your healing!

Yummy Veg Eating for Health and Detox
The Cleanse--Deva Kaur and Dr. Kartar Singh offer a full vegan detox program!
Yoga Murrieta--Atma Kaur give you wonderfully innovative, healthful and scrumptious recipes!
This is a way for all of you to call me on the phone for a Soul Answer or a
 teleclass without paying a penny for long distance charges! 
If you download their free program, and get a headset for your computer,
you can call me from anywhere in the world free of phone charges! 
International Kundalini Yoga Teachers' Association
Find a teacher in your part of the world, and lots more!
Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization that holds the vast teachings of
Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Lifestyle sponsors events such as
Winter and Summer Solstice, Women's Camp, Teacher Training,
get a Spiritual Name, and lots more information! 
Purveyor of Yoga Manuals, Mantra CDs and many other supportive materials
Jot Singh Khalsa, the famous maker of gorgeous kirpans (knives that are worn by Sikhs as a symbol of protection of the weak and innocent), and also of beautiful sword jewelry to cut through your karmas, offers you these wonders!
Very effective prayers!
This is a great "Dharma" or system of spiritual practices that I fully enjoy! 
It originated in northwest India in the late 1500s.
To get a wonderful personal teaching for the day,
as though sitting at the feet of your Spiritual Master, please click here!
It is called a "Hukamnama."
For audio and video downloads, please click here!
By our wonderful teacher Guru Charan Singh.
This is a U Tube video that explains how meditaion works on your thoughts.
A great site and frequent newsletter that gives short, breezy "tips" that in fact can be life changing!  And my short articles appear there from time to time as well.


Esoteric Use of Gemstones

Hari Jiwan Singh posts regularly to his blog in which he relates Yogi Bhajan's original teachings on the use of gemstones for healing and much more.

Journey to the Heart of Sikh Dharma!

This is an extraordinary tele-course, every 2 weeks over 9 months in which different expert teachers carry you to the very deepest yearnings of your heart for fulfillment that this Dharma can bring!  A Dharma is an ecosystem of effective spiritual practices and deeply shared community.  Really worth your while whether a new comer or an old-timer!  Register by mid-August for the coming school year.  Mata Mandir Kaur is your gracious host.

  Jill Bolte Taylor is a neuroanatomist

who survived a stroke in which her left brain shut down.  During the process she was able to observe the experience of Divinity and lived to talk about it.  In the video below she goes into depth about what occured in her being, - spiritually and anatomically.  The impact of this is beyond words.  Please watch this video.

Your Tantric Numerology

Just fill in your name and birthday to automatically get your own personal numerology!  You will learn about your Soul--your core identity, your Karma, Gift, Destiny, and Path, and get suggestions for Kundalini Yoga and Meditations for you to expand your own special Self!

Get Your Own Spiritual Name!

Yogi Bhajan taught a very special lady, Nirinjan Kaur how to give you the perfect name for your own unique Destiny by using Yogi Bhajan's system of numerology!  Please click here to get Guru Fatha Singh's perspective on his own unique Spiritual Name.

Wholistic Medical Doctors
Los Angeles
Dr. Soram Khalsa: 310-274-6200,
Dr. Hans Gruenn: 310-966-9194,
Dr. Habib Sadeghi:  800-MY HEALING,

Inspirational Classes Plus!

At, you will find an amazing array of information, teleclasses, events, books and CDs!

Kundalini Research Institute

What an array of Kriyas and Meditations, videos, digital downloads, books, CDs and lots of information.  Headed up by Yogi Bhajan's wonderful appointed leader of these yogic teachings, Guru Charan Singh!


Amazing video that will put your own shortcomings in perspective and give you great inspiration!  This is really "Keeping Up"!

Self Help from Self is the most complete guide to information about Self-Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.  And you will find Soul Answer represented there, too!

Meditation Timer

Here is an online page where you can create your own timer to go off your computer, or make an MP3 file of it to put on your iphone!  It is great for timing your favorite meditations.  And you can set it for certain intervals, such as every hour to remember to do Heart Breath and consciously move back into your Soul's space!

Vegan Travelers

 Do You Regularly Experience Headaches, Fatigue, Yeast Infections Or Brain Fog?

You might be suffering from Candida Overgrowth. Join 60,000+ readers and get weekly recipes, extra motivation, and tips on getting your health back! 


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