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National Anthem for the Aquarian Age: 24th Pauri of Japji Sahib

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National Anthem for the Aquarian Age: 24th Pauri of Japji Sahib
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The 24th Pauri (verse) of Japji Sahib--Guru Nanak's extraordinary statement on Creation, Who we are, and how to be in Union with that.

Yogi Bhajan said that if you repeat this pauri (usually 11 times per day), over time (40 days, 120 day, 1,000 days) you would break through all limitations with the force of a thunderbolt.  It is so powerful that it affects generations.  It has the power to kill misfortune.

 24th Pauri of Japji Sahib
as presented and translated at

ant na siftee kahan na ant.
Endless are His Praises, endless are those who speak them.

ant na karnai dayn na ant.
Endless are His Actions, endless are His Gifts.

ant na vaykhan sunan na ant.
Endless is His Vision, endless is His Hearing.

ant na jaapai ki-aa man mant.
His limits cannot be perceived. What is the Mystery of His Mind?

ant na jaapai keetaa aakaar.
The limits of the created universe cannot be perceived.

ant na jaapai paaraavaar.
Its limits here and beyond cannot be perceived.

ant kaaran kaytay billaahi.
Many struggle to know His limits,
aa kay ant na paa-ay jaahi.
but His limits cannot be found.

ayhu ant na jaanai ko-ay.
No one can know these limits.

bahutaa kahee-ai bahutaa ho-ay.
The more you say about them, the more there still remains to be said.

vadaa saahib oochaa thaa-o.
Great is the Master, High is His Heavenly Home.

oochay upar oochaa naa-o.
Highest of the High, above all is His Name.

ayvad oochaa hovai ko-ay.
Only one as Great and as High as God

tis oochay ka-o jaanai so-ay.
can know His Lofty and Exalted State.

jayvad aap jaanai aap aap.
Only He Himself is that Great. He Himself knows Himself.

naanak nadree karmee daat. ||24||
O Nanak, by His Glance of Grace, He bestows His Blessings. ||24||

24th Pauri of Japji Sahib

by Guru Nanak, as translated by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur. 

Used with permission.  Find her book "Japji Shahib, Sond of the Soul" at 

There is no end

To all that You

Create and do.


What we can

Say about You,

There’s no end to that, either.


There is no end

To Your actions.


And to what

You give

There is no end.


There is no end

To what we see.


And to what we hear

There is no end.


There is no end

To what appears.


How can we know

All the subtle formulas

At work in Your mind?


There is no end

To the visions created

By You coming

Into form.


There is no end.

The visions go on

As far as we can see.


There is a limit

To our understand

Of Thee.

How many veils

Like this

Do we have to go through?


There is no end

To thee, my Beloved.


This is the understand

I’ve received

And go along with.


This Unending

Anybody can know.


The more we talk,

The more there is to say.


Great is the Master

In the Highest Place.


Even Higher still

Is His Spirit

Within me.


Any person

Can be

In this height.


And in this height,

You will know God.


How great You are

And how great it is

To know You.



Grace and karma

Are both Thy gifts.



Ek Ong Kaar's Post from our group Facebook page at on 10/7/12.

Sat Naam. At Siri Gian Kaur's request, I am sharing some information about 2012 and the change in Ages that Yogi Bhajan talked about.

First - here is a video of a story that I shared at the 11/11/11 celebration sponsored by 3HO. This is a story of what Yogi Bhajan said would happen on an astronomical level and the effect it will create on planet earth. The actual alignment of the sun with the center of the galaxy takes place Winter Solstice of 2012.

In more general terms, Yogi Bhajan also talked a lot about not getting into the fear or the fantasy of what the changes mean. Ultimately, everything is being guided by the hand of the One. All we really need to do is be in our intuition. When people would ask him how to prepare, basically his answer was: develop your intuition, and live for each other. Take care of each other. Be together and be intuitive. Then, whatever happens, we can get through it.

To my understanding, the issue about the "new earth" is more about a change in consciousness. Either people will be able to make the change or they will freak out and fall apart. Yogi Bhajan said that so many times. But I never got the impression this was happening in two different "places," so to speak. On the contrary, being a teacher now is about being a channel to help stabilize those who are freaking out. So while the shift is possible, we all stay in the same room together while it happens - no matter what a person's level of consciousness is.

Many times Yogi Bhajan made predictions about the Age of Aquarius and how 50-75% of the human race would be wiped out during this time. This would be due to overpopulation and Mother Earth correcting the imbalance. But here he is talking about the whole age, not necessarily "2012" as the year it would happen.

Recently, I heard a story that Yogi Bhajan once said, "Climate change will be more damaging for humanity than a nuclear war." He told folks if they want to do something special for Guru Ram Das's birthday, which we celebrate on October 9th, they should plant trees.

But with all of these challenges, there is the opportunity for 5000 years of peace to develop. The intensity of the pressure will allow human beings to create a golden age on the earth that can last 5000 years.

Yogis understand the reality of polarity. It may take enormous pressure to get us there. And that's what I think can be misunderstood. You don't get the diamond without the pressure. No one gets to escape the challenge. But you can hold your consciousness in the face of it. That's my understanding of what Yogi Bhajan taught. Look to yourself to be the center of peace in your world, but don't think that means you won't have to face and deal with the insanity that keeps increasing around you. The diamond only gets created from the pressure that surrounds it. And the intense pressure of the change can crystalize the human consciousness to bring the heavens onto the earth.

I hope this and the video offers a useful perspective on the topic about what will happen at the end of 2012.

With Divine Light,

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur describes Yogi Bhajan's explantion of the planetary switch  to the Aquarian Age, and she sings the "National Anthem for the Aquarian Age," which is the 24th pauri of Japji Sahib sung to the National Anthem of the USA.

Gurunam Singh sings the 24th Pauri of Japji Sahib.

To address any fear about these transformations, please click here to do the meditation for Fear Eradication.



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