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How about taking an incredible
Healing Vacation to Northern New Mexico?

Whether you are coming to see me for
Transformational Healing, for INTUITION TRAINING, or the wonderful 3HO events, or just to relax, hang out and enjoy this very sacred "Land of Enchantment"!

On this page you will find accommodations in the area, directions on how to reach this Espanola Valley and Solstice sight from the airport by shuttle and by car, how to find the health food stores and attractions in charming Santa Fe and Taos, other incredible healers in our ashram community, and a variety of extraordinary sites and activities! 
Please note: Whenever I metion how far someplace is from me, I am talking about my home in the La Mesilla section of Espanola. 
Happy Trails!

Lots of Love,


The only other public transportation in Espanola operates only on weekdays from 6 AM to 6 PM, and not on weekends or holidays.  It is popularly called the "Blue Bus," but their official name is North Central Regional Transit District.  You can only get a ride if you call at least 24 hours ahead to schedule your ride.  The cost from door to door is $2 for transport in the Espanola area.  They have a commuter bus that does go to Santa Fe.  Please call them to schedule or for more information.  505-747-3631.

So, if you really want to get around Espanola, it would be best to either drive your own car here, or rent a car at the airport.  See below for those contacts and for driving instructions.


Sante Fe, which has "not-to-be-missed" charm and shopping is a half hour drive south from me in Espanola.  Santa Fe's hotels, motels, inns and spas can be expensive to moderate.  Many are quite exquisite.

Espanola is generally "down home," with the exceptions of the Santa Claran Hotel and Anthony's on the Delta.  The views of the surrounding mountains are spectacular.  We are near the south edge of town, and the moderate motels, which are also near the south end are fairly reasonable.  If you stay at any of these, you will need a car to get around our town and to the courses.

NIVAS--Ashram Housing.  These are lovely houses that have a number of bedrooms--some single, many shared with 2 or 3 beds.  They have bathrooms and a small kitchen. And they are within walking distance to Sadhana!  For more information and registration, please go to .

INN OF NECTAR, AMRIT NIVAS  About 4 miles from me.
For a single or double room in the lovely home of a couple of our community members, or in surrounding cottages--within walking distance of the gurdwara (temple) where you can do early morning yoga and meditation, please contact Parmatma Singh or Guru Daya Kaur Khalsa at 800-809-0885 or 505-753-9215.  This is about 3 miles from me, but within walking distance to sadhana at the gurdwara, to our yoga center called "Sadhana Nivas," and to Yogi Bhajan's Ranch.  

Santa Fe Getaway

Inn at the Delta: (In the same compound with Anthony's on the Delta.)  Inn at the Delta is a lovely adobe style lodge, and is in the town of Espanola on the main road heading up to the Solstice Site, Rte. 285/84.  It has oversized rooms decorated with original artwork and southwestern style furnishings, kiva fireplaces, large jacuzzi tubs and queen size beds. Gourmet breakfast. 304 Paseo de Onate, Espanola, NM 87532.  Phone 1-505-753-9466. US and International dialing.

The Santa Claran Hotel in Espanola:
The Santa Claran is Espanola's newest and tallest hotel in Espanola.  It is owned by our local Native Pueblo, Santa Clara and is a most graceful and lovely accommodation.  Although the hotel is connected to their Big Rock Casino, they also have a great bowling alley and simple dining where they are most happy to create vegetarian fare for you.  The only drawback is the smoke in the adjoined casino.

To research more hotels, motels and inns in the area, please click the following underlined links:

Espanola Accomodations

Rancho de Chimayo, about 10 miles away

Abiquiu Inn, about a 20 minute drive

Ojo Caliente, about a 45 minute drive

Santa Fe Accomodations, about 25 miles away

Bishops Lodge, Santa Fe, about 20 miles away

10,000 Waves Japanese Hot Tubs & Hotel Suites near Santa Fe, about 30 miles away

There are also plenty of places to camp--from tents, to RVs and cabins in Northerrn New Mexico.  If you are interested, please click the following links.

Santa Fe Camping

Taos Camping

Los Alamos Camping & More

Espanola Camping

Google Search of "Espanola NM + National Forests"

This is a town of Spanish and Indian heritage!   Most of the townspeople's ancestors either came here from Mexico or Spain in the 1600's or they are Pueblo Indians whose Pueblos boarder the town, as well as operate the Big Rock Casino and Bowling plus the Santa Claran Hotel.  The Indians are regular members of our town, not sequestered on "the res."  So, al lot of these folks speak both Spanish or Tewa and English.  The rest of us generally non-Spanish speaking folks are referred to as "Anglos!"
Consequently, all the restaurants that I know of here serve all variations of the wonderful traditional SouthWestern diet of beans, tortillas, cheese, lettuce, and red and green chili with all the fixings!  This area is quite famous for its red "Chimayo" chili sauce, and ordering both red and green chili together on your dish is referred to as "Christmas!"  All of these places can provide you with great vegetarian fare.
Here is a listing of restaurants, generally in order of travelling north through town on the main drag, Riverside Drive (not the most gorgeous main street, but useful)!  The very, very approximate mileage given below starts at the DreamCatcher Movie intersection.  All these local restaurants have yummy meals!  And you will also find a number of chain fast food joints along Riverside as well.

El Paragua.  It has a nice dining atmosphere! About 2 1/2 miles from the DreamCatcher intersection, take a right at the light where Rt. 76 to Chimayo intersects Riverside Dr.  Then El Paragua is directly on the left.  603 Santa Cruz Rd.  753-3211.  There is a great little lunch stand back and to the left of El Paragua.  They're famous for their green chilis!
JoAnne's.  You can ask for the special green chili soup made by Yogi Bhajan's own recipe.  Obviously this restaurant is a favorite of ours.  It is open for all three meals every day!  Homey atmosphere.  It is on the left about 3 or so miles up from the DreamCatcher intersection.  938 N. Riverside Dr., 753-1334.
Chili's.  This chain restaurant, is our newest and biggest restaurant in town!  It serves a SW accented regular American menu, and it is about 4 or 5 miles from the DreamCatcher intersection.  After the light a Walgreen's Pharmacy, it is on a left side corner in front of Lowe's home improvement store.  And we even have a Walmart just past Lowe's!  415 Lowdermilk Dr. (facing Riverside Dr.)  753-6667.
Angelina's  I favor their beans the most in town!  About 4 or 5 miles from the DreamCatcher, turn left at the light onto Fairview Ln. (before you reach Chili's), where Walgreen's Pharmacy is on the right.  Then continue a mile or so to Angelina's on the left.  If you pass Angelina's and turn right at the light, you will be on Paseo de Onante.  Then go just about one "block" to take the next left turn past the State Police station and head up that dirt road to the Solstice Site.  1226 N. Railroad Ave., 753-8543.
La Cocina is closer to the DreamCatcher intersection and is not on Riverside Dr.  If you go north on Riverside for about a mile or two from the DreamCatcher intersection, you will reach a light where you will see Dandyburgers (including veggie burgers) on your near left corner and on the far left, a turquoise sign telling you this week's events in Espanola.  Turn left here.  This road takes you on the Griegos Bridge over the Rio Grande--the "new bridge."  Soon after you cross this bridge, La Cocina's newly built but fairly charming restaurant will be on your right.  (There is an older La Cocina down the street and through the next light.)  They may serve breakfast.  Actually, after you pass the new La Cocina and turn right at the light, then turn left at the next light, you will be on Paseo de Onante that will head you up towards the Solstice Site cut off.  310 Old Los Alamos Hwy.  753-3486.
Domino's pizza delivery.  753-3030.
Pizza Hut  no delivery.  753-7103.  644 N. Riverside Drive
Here are some fancier SouthWestern style restaurants, but they are a number of miles out of town.  (Phone calls made to places south of Espanola, such as Santa Fe usually require you to dial the long distance prefix 1-505-your number.)
Sopaipilla Factory  7 W. Gutierrez St., Pojaque, half-way between Espanola and Santa Fe. 505-455-2855. Family-like with a whole "Khalsa Menu" of southwestern meals. 
Gabriel's  About midway between Santa Fe and Espanola on the northeast side of Rt. 285/84 and the Tesuque exit/overpass.   If you are coming from Santa Fe, Gabriel's is a little ways past the thriving warm-weather, weekend Flea Market of amazing goods!  From Santa Fe, take the right exit to Tesuque, which leads to a service road--continue in the same direction a little ways, past the overpass until you shortly take a right into the restaurant entrance.  If coming from Espanola, take the Tesuque exit, go left over the overpass, left on the service road, then right into the restaurant entrance.  Park in their lot in the back.  Call 505-455-7000 for reservations.  In warm weather, they also have lovely patio dining, and if you order guacamole they make it special at your table!
Rancho de Chimayo This is a lovely rustic inn/restaurant about 7 miles east of Espanola.  It is near the not to be missed ancient Sanctuario de Chimayo with its healing dirt!  You can head there by taking a right/east at the DreamCatcher movie theater onto Rt. 106/Yogi Bhajan Memorial Hwy.  When you reach a light, turn right/east on Rt. 76 towards Chimayo for 7 miles.  Then follow the sign to turn right towards Ortega's Weaving Shop.  Pass Ortega's (or visit this charming shop) and continue on a little ways to see the Rancho set back from the road on your left.  And down this same road a bit further is the turn off to the left to get to the authentically ancient Sanctuario and the extraordinary religious goods store!  505-351-2222.
Actually, when many people come to town, they stop in Santa Fe at some place with healthy groceries to pick up food and deli items to chomp on while they are here in Espanola.  You will see directions to these stores included in the in the section below called "Driving Directions from the Albuquerque Airport to Espanola, NM" in the part that describes how to get through Santa Fe.


Coming to New Mexico
The land, light and sacred energy of this area really make it the
 "Land of Enchantment."
If you fly to New Mexico, the only large airport is in Albuquerque.  I am near Espanola, which is 75 miles north of Albuquerque--an hour and a half drive. 
There are some smaller planes that fly to Santa Fe.  I am north of Santa Fe by 20 miles, a 1/2 hour drive.  I have never used this airport.
And I am about an hour's drive south of Taos.

Since things are so far apart here--these really are the "wide open spaces," and because there is little public transport, I stongly suggest that you rent a car at the Albuquerque "sunport" (airport).  All the normal car rental agencies are there.
There are no rental cars in Espanola.  There is the "Blue Bus" that has lots of restrictions to it, and a new taxi service that I hope stays in business.  See "Transportation in Espanola" at the top of this page.

  They will take you to Santa Fe, Espanola and Taos, and maybe other places, too.  These prices can always change, so please do check them.
Road Runner Shuttle door to door round trip is $75 each way.  505-424-3367.
Sandia Shuttle, airport to Santa Fe.  Then you have to find a way to Espanola.

Car Rental Agencies at the Albuquerque Airport

Driving Directions traveling NORTH--
from the Albuquerque Airport to Espanola, NM:
From the airport, drive north on I-25 about 1 hour. 
Just south of Santa Fe, you can choose your way through or around our "City Different":
  • To bypass Santa-Fe completely and take the shortest time, take Relief Route 599 to come out on the north side of Santa Fe on US Route 285/84 heading north to Espanola.
  • To drive through Santa Fe on the quickest route, mostly past professional offices, from I-25 take US Route 84 north (St. Francis Dr.) completely through Santa Fe, staying on the same road all the way. 
  • To drive through Santa Fe to find all the regular, non-charming (except for Jackalope) but useful stores, restaurants, gas stations, motels, strip malls, large shopping mall and stoplights--from I-25, take Cerrillos Rd., US Rte. 14 north through most of Santa Fe.  When you finally come to the crossroads with St. Francis Dr., take a left on to St. Francis north, which is US Rte. 285/84 through the remainder of Santa Fe.

You might want to pick up some healthy groceries and deli goodies on your way through Santa Fe.  There are no health food stores in Espanola! 

  • TRADER JOE'S--Come up (north) on St. Francis Dr. several miles (to a few blocks before you reach the intersection with Cerrillos).  Take a right at the light at Cordova Rd., and then another right into that strip mall where you will find Trader Joe's.  They are known for their good prices and they have some interesting pre-packaged prepared items in their deli case.  (There is also a natural pharmacy at the St. Francis end of that shopping center.)  530 Cordova Rd., 505-995-8145.
  • WHOLE FOODS--Very large and elegant natural foods store--have everything.  Expensive. Take either St. Francis Dr. or Cerrillos Rd.  At the crossroads between these main two streets--either stay straight on Cerrillos; or turn right from St. Francis onto Cerrillos.  Travel the distance of perhaps a couple of blocks--although there will be no real blocks, and look very carefully to the right for the very hidden driveway into the Whole Foods parking lot.  This store is hardly visible from the street, but there are often a lot of cars turning in there.  They have a huge prepared food section, and Starbucks Coffee.  753 Cerrillos Rd., 505-992-1700.  Then to go on to Espanola, go back to St. Francis Dr. and take a right.  Continue as described below.
  • NATURAL GROCER (also called Vitamin Cottage)--Sells all kinds of natural foods in addition to vitamins.  Comparitively small.  Come north on Cerrillos Rd. a few miles.  This store is in a fairly large building and is set back on the right side.  They have good prices, but no real prepared food/deli section.  3328 N. Cerrillos Rd., 505-474-0111.
  • SPROUTS SOUTH--Very large natural foods store, good fresh vegetables, no prepared food bar, decent prices.  Come north on Cerrillos Rd.  Pass Rodeo Rd, and the mall.  At the stoplight at Zafarano, turn left.  In one block you will see the entrance to the partking lot on the right.  3201 Zefarano St.  505-424-1900.
  • SPROUTS NORTH--Very large natural foods store, good fresh vegetables, no prepared food bar, decent prices.  Come north on St. Francis Dr.  Cross Cerillos Rd.  You will see the first intsection with Paseo de Peralta--skip that.  Then at the second intersection with Paseo de Peralta (that street makes a loop into the old part of town and joins St. Francis in 2 places), take a right there at the Bank of America.  In a couple of blocks, take a left into the shopping center called DeVargas Mall.  Sprouts is at the far right or east end of that mall.  199 Paseo de Peralto.  505-988-1140.

NOTE:  If you want to take a peek at quaint old town Santa Fe--then about a mile or more after the crossroads between St. Fancis and Cerillos, take a right on Alameda.  Fairly soon you will find yourself on the far south side of old town, with the plaza being a couple of streets to your left, or north.  The traffic will be crawling on narrow, often one-way streets.  It's best to park and then explore!  Enjoy looking around, and then find your way back to St. Francis where you will take a right.

On St. Francis, which becomes the highway US Rte. 285/84 north of Santa Fe, continue to head north for about 1/2 hour--(careful of speed traps) until you reach Espanola. 

Please make a note of Espanola's very first stoplight intersection at the far south end or the beginning of town.  This is where Rt. 106 to the right/east, and 399 to the left/west cross the main north/south highway--Rt. 285/84 from Santa Fe that you came north on.  You will see the DreamCatcher Movie Theater set back from the far right corner and nothing much else around.  This is the intersection "hub" from which all the other directions will be given--such as how to get to Espanola's restaurants!

When you book a healing treatment with me, I will send you directions to my home and to the Gurdwara!
But it does take you to the Espanola area.

Yahoo Map of Espanola. To include Santa Fe & Albuquerque, zoom in to setting #6.

Print version. Disregard instructions.

Driving Directions:
If you are traveling SOUTH...
The easiest thing to do is to head for Santa Fe on your map, even though you will reach Espanola about 20+ miles before you get to Santa Fe.  You may not find the name Espanola on your map, although you may see smaller surrounding villages indicated!  You may see Santa Cruz, which is part of Espanola.  Look for the intersection of Routes 68 and 84/285.  That is Espanola!
To get your directions here, please choose the section below that best suits your route--perhaps from Taos on Rte. 68.  Or choose to travel more straight south on Rte 285, or take the little more western side on Rte. 84.  Rtes. 84 and 285 join together before they reach Espanola.
Espanola is definitely not a quaint tourist town, but it does have serviceable things for those of us who live in the region!
Traveling SOUTH through Taos, NM on Rte. 68--a beautiful drive along the narrow Rio Grande! 
Since there are no health food stores in Espanola, you might like to stock up in Taos.  Although there is some organic produce at Walmart's here!  The town of Taos and the Indian Pueblo there are definitely fun and interesting places to visit!
You will come through Espanola on the highway that comes from Taos, Rte. 68.  You will know that it is Espanola because the highway is lined with stores--Walmart, Lowe's, Walgreens, and more, plus lots of fast food joints and other restaurants.  
Then after a few miles of this, the highway you are on becomes Rte. 84/285.  This change in route numbers happens automatically if you stay straight!
Now skip down to the section headed:  "AT THE SOUTH END OF TOWN"
Traveling SOUTH on Routes 84/285 from Chama or Abiquiu:
Follow this highway with its zig zag through Espanola, headed towards Santa Fe.  It is the more sparsely settled route through Espanola. 
So, to get through Espanola, you will first go straight through the stoplight at Fairview Ave./Industrial Rd., and then continue for a couple of miles until you see the white with red "Lotta Burger" on your right at a light. 
Go through this light and then fork off to the right following the sign to Santa Fe and Los Alamos. 
Then, within a half mile, you will come to another light where you will turn to the left.  There is a small sign way up on the bar that holds the traffic light, which indicates that Santa Fe is to your left.  So, turn left and follow this road past La Cocina restaurant on the left--a good New Mexican place to eat, then across the Rio Grande until this highway makes a "T" at a light with another highway, Rt. 68, which ends at this intersection.
You will be turning right at that light, going towards Santa Fe on Rte. 84/285. Then continue as described in the next section.
You will pass a Day's Inn motel on the left, which is across from our cybercafe called the Oasis on the right.  Then shortly after that, there is sort of open space on both sides of the highway for a mile or two. 
Finally you reach a stoplight where the DreamCatcher Cinema is on your left.  If you turned left, that road would be called Rte. 106, and on the right it is called Rte. 399.  This is the "HUB" intersection from which all other directions in Espanola are given on this page, including our restaurants!
Then please follow the directions that I will send you once you sign up for your appointment!

Driving Directions
to our land in the Jemez Mountains called
Ram Das Puri, the SOLSTICE SITE
where Peace Prayer Day is also held.
If you are traveling NORTH from Santa Fe or from the Espanola Ashram area...
  1. Staying straight on the main highway Rt. 285/84, continue north through the light at the intersection with the DreamCatcher movie theater.  This is at the far south end or beginning of Espanola.  Continue for about a mile or two. 
  2. At the next light where Dandyburger is on the near left corner and a large turqoise sign that shows events in Espanola is on the far left corner, take a left off the main road, Riverside Dr. to cross over the Rio Grande on the Griegos Bridge (or "new" bridge).   Rt. 285/84 takes a left here as well (while Riverside Dr. continues straight and becomes Rt. 68 to go through the main part of Espanola and then head to Taos).
  3. At the next light, turn right towards Chama.
  4. And again at the next light, turn left towards Chama on Paseo de Onante.
  5. Continue for about 2 or 3 miles through three lights, the third light being at Fairview Dr./Industrial Rd.
  6. Then after about a "block," turn left on National Forest Road 144 where you will go past the State Police station and the Department of Motor Vehicles. 
  7. At the "T" in the road, turn right towards the mountains, and the road will soon turn to dirt and gravel.
  8. Continue on that road past the beige water tank for about 7 miles as you proceed up the mountain.  Go slow because your car's fishtail effect on the dirt and gravel can take you sliding over the edge as if you were on ice.  It is total high desert wilderness all around you!
  9. Then look for a sign on a dirt driveway to the right that says something like "3HO Summer Solstice and Peace Prayer Day," and turn in there!  The greeters at the gate will take care of you and let you know how to proceed.
If you are traveling SOUTH from Taos...
  • Come into Espanola traveling south on Rt. 68, which is called Riverside Dr. in Espanola.  You will pass Walmart and Lowes on your right.   At the stoplight at Fairview Dr. where Walgreens will be on the far left corner, take a right on Fairview, and go all the way to the light on Paseo de Onante, Rt. 84/285.  Take a right towards Chama and Abiquiu.
  • Then follow the directions above from number 6.

If you are traveling SOUTH from Chama or Abiquiu on Rt. 84/285...

  • Just about a block BEFORE you get the gas stations on both sides of the highway, and the light at Fairview, take a right on National Forest Road 144 where you will go past the State Police station and the Department of Motor Vehicles. 
  • Then folllow the directions at the top of this box from number 7.


The area is full of interesting things to do to help you relax and enjoy yourself while you are here for healing.  Or you might just want to rest, meditate and practice your own arts!

A Community of
Khalsa Healers and Teachers
For a map of our community, please click here!
That is our official website, so poke around there a bit, if you like.
Just a couple of miles from me you can visit the golden domed holy center of the Western Sikhs, "Siri Singhasan e Khalsa," the heart of our community.  This is our GURDWARA where we invite you to join us in any part of our early morning yoga, meditation and service free of charge.  This is also where we hold Sunday morning services from about 10 AM to 12:30 PM with a wonderful free meal (lungar) afterwards for everyone!  Our Gurdwara is a beautiful, sacred place that holds an extraordinary mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe as Adi Shakti (Primal Earth Force).  For a tour, you can contact our sweet community secretary, Swaran Kaur at 505-753-6341.
And we have a myriad of extraordinary Khalsa healers and teachers in the immediate area as well--from gifted chiropractors, massage therapists, Kundalini yoga classes--both private and group, yoga therapists, residential dietary cleanse program, Pilates instruction, Vedic astrology, and Bach flower remedies, to psychologists, medical doctor, acupuncturists and doctor of Oriental Medicine, along with other forms of energy healing and so on. 
We also sponsor a number of extraordiary spiritually based life learning courses as well as our Summer Solstice Yoga Retreat with 3 days of legendary mystic White Tantric Yoga. 
We can all work in concert for your optimum health, so you can schedule a complete healing adventure while you are here!  
You can click on the links that are underlined, or call those that are not underlined:

3HO Life Learning Classes and White Tantric Yoga

Kundalini Yoga, Expertise in Psychology and Yogic Healing

Accupuncture, Massage in Espanola, GRD Health Clinic 505-753-3369.
Network Chiropractic in Espanola, Dr. Sat Siri Kaur 505-753-5640.

Vedic Astrology in Espanola, Sat Siri Kaur 505-753-6521.
Sat Nam Rasayan Energy Healing, Jivan Joti Kaur,  505-753-6241, Har Nal Kaur 505-753-9189.
Wonderful Healing Massage, Sat Kartar Kaur, ("Frenchie") 505-747-8020.


Print version. Disregard instructions.

Santa Fe
From Santa Fe's extremely unique charm--with its adobe architecture nestled in juniper covered mountains, shopping, museums and art on Canyon Road (my favorite), to the summer Santa Fe outdoor opera and nearby Swap Meet, to 10,000 Waves hot tubes and spa on the mountain above Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Ski Basin, and on and on.  And, of course, you will discover wonderful variations on New Mexico's distinctive local cuisine everywhere.
Pueblo Indians and Chimayo
A little furter north of Santa Fe, you can see various Indian Pueblos' public displays of their dancing, entrancing historical sites such as the Sanctuario de Chimayo, historic and still operational hand rug weaving establishments, plus the Rancho de Chimayo's lovely restaurant and inn (7 miles east of Espanola). 
Cliff Dwellings and Los Alamos
To the southwest, near Los Alamos, you can visit ancient Indian cliff dwellings at Bandelier National Monument, Frijoles Canyon.
Hot Springs, Spa and Abiquiu
You might also enjoy traveling northwest of Espanola about 45 minutes to visit Ojo (pronounced "OHO") Caliente with its hot mineral springs and mud baths, spa, restaurant and perhaps stay at their simple inn.  Also west of Espanola is the small village of Abiquiu--long time home of the painter Georgia O'Keeffe, Ghost Ranch and the beloved sacred land that appeared in her art.  In that direction is also the large Abiquiu Lake for swimming and boating.
In addition, I am one hour south of Taos with its continuously inhabited ancient adobe Pueblo--open to visitors; also Taos' history, style, art, shopping, skiing, amazing river gorge and majestic mountain.  The drive there is worth the trip, whether you go by the river valley route or take the mountain crest drive!
If you go to Taos, be sure to visit the Earthship--a wonderful, magical home that is built to be entirely renewable in most fantastic ways!  You cross the most amazing Gorge Bridge to get there.
Outdoor Activities
There are lots of opportunities for outdoor sports as well such as mountain hiking and biking, river rafting on the Rio Grande, and great skiing at the Santa Fe Ski Basin and the Taos Ski Valley.
Here are some websites to explore:

Espanola and Surrounding Areas

Visitors' Guide to Santa Fe

North Central New Mexico

10,000 Waves Japanese Hot Tubs & Hotel Suites near Santa Fe

The Santa Fe Opera

Taos Area

Earthship at Taos

Art Galleries and Studios along the "High Road" along the mountains to Taos.

Northern New Mexico Calendar of Events

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs and Spa

Bandelier National Monument

Rafting and Float Trips

Hiking Trails near Santa Fe

Short Hike into Nambe Falls (15 minutes from me)

New Mexico Hiking Trails

Abiquiu Resevoir and Lake

Photos of Northern New Mexico

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