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From Passing On with Soul

(Please for my language is not always still weird from my stroke!)


These are the blessed things that I have found in my life!

They are purely things that I have found from the great Soul of your God:”


1.     Forgiveness from your purely neutral mind and emotions.  What ever you believe that anything hurts from you, your life, your parents, your spouse, your family is from all of that which thought they were smashing you, to tied you up and slashed every bit.  That is actually you in which your own hurts from your own difficult/trances yourself!  These are your karmas, your own plays so that you are given for your deep hurts “against” yourselves.  You are given for the hurts, storm and thunder—they were your own self!

When you have finally let go, for surrender, heal, to BE peace in your own “world,” then you have found yourself to win!  That is because letting go of that tangled net that has finally dissolved your “world”!  Then you can let go of hurt yourself, then from healing and be the Real Self that is the pure Love as yourself and the LOVE of the “world.”  That NEUTRAL FREQUENCY OF FORGIVENESS from you, that is your absolute key from your “world” because that brings Who You are Really Your Pure Self.  That are you as your Soul, that is your True Self, your Sat Nam, your very God who you are finally be the chess board that you finally solve your games!


After your Soul Answer for these 3 years that you have learned WHO you truly found your Self/your Soul–for your own.  Your healing people, and who learn people for “them,” have graduated—for actually two groups of “Certified Soul Answer Healers”.  They know themselves as SOUL!  Now of these beautiful who want to participate for these healing and teaching, please feel any of them for you at .


2.     SOUL!  ,  ,

We/I Soul have learned each healing, thoughts and courses!  But for learn that for yourself, you would need to “keep up to be kept at.”  You cannot only be half of the time for the “EDS,” that is your “every-day-self”—meaning as small letter “self”, your ego, your mind—consciousness and unconscious, what ideas for families, teachers, for friends and “enemies,” for your culture, your ancestry, your pet ideas that are stashed in your cranium, and all the stuff that your thought was right. But that was wrong and tangles yourself!   Just being so simple, soft, pure and deep Love—that means sentimental or emotional, or thinking from any ideas that you have Love!  That is pure humility to let go of God/Soul.  I have found that Soul is Love and is pure Soul depth of True!  That is the “Lilies from the Fields,” from the Bible: .  


Now, that means that Soul shows you how you are done!  That leader is from Soul, not from your thinking, emotional, or worry, anger, anxiety, etc. from Neutral Mind.  Although you learn and create from your Soul mind’s flows!  This is how Soul is the larger partner, while Mind is lesser partner.  But that is how pure True, so Soul will tell everything simple and True answer for you!  Then, to answer what Soul says, then just DO leads you to do that!  In the Sikh Dharma, that is the profound knowledge of Japji Sahib, says in the verse or “Pauri” from number 8 to 11 your find those “poems” that begin as “Sunniai” or “Deeply Listening,” or “Hearing Your Name” that is Soul.  Then the Pauris are from 12 to 15, with “Mannai” that follows what you listen to from Soul!


For instance, part of Pauri 13—that is the “person” who is the Believer,

who is with Soul:

“A believer does not go

stumbling and hobbling.

A believer is not terrorized

by death’s calling.”[1]


Soul actually becomes Joyous with the directions from, or enmeshed as Soul, either in the world, or without the world!  Soul is the sweet, pure Love—Yummy!


See Japji Sahib to listen for singing and more information.[2]


3.     Here at the most extraordinary links for the best links for this “Times” that are breaking all of everything so re-change to create the Soul, love, peace, creation for all, for the Aquarian Ages.  These are such great helps from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.


Fear Eradication:


Crisis Kit, originally from the “Survival Manuel”


Recordings from Soul & Baba Siri Chand


My own Soul Healing!


This letter is from Passing On with Soul 


More Kriyas


More Kundalini Yoga and Meditations, Events and Courses, Humanology


Lots of Love for Every Soul,

Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa



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