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July 3, 2007

Now, let me introduce you to the Five Evils or the Five Poisons! Drum roll, please!

  • LUST

It seems to be an Eastern spiritual concept (Sikhism, Hinduism) that we pray to be free of these Poisons to become "good human beings," or to support our spiritual progress. This is distinctly different from following a list of commandments that form the backbone of the Judeo- Christian and Islamic moral codes.

Implied in the Eastern version of "morality" or spiritual quest is that if our emotions and our psyches were safe from these deviling attitudes, we would never, ever have to worry about the pivotal "Do's" and the "Do Not's!" We would just do it "right!"

However, embedded in the Christian system, even from the 4th Century, the Christian-defined 7 Deadly Sins of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride are reminiscent of the Eastern 5 Poisons! It seems that this stuff gets us in trouble no matter what part of the world we are from, or in which age we live! Yikes! Rough stuff!

The only big difference between these systems is that that the Christians include Sloth, implying focused industry, or "diligence" as a virtue: "Work hard and you will be a success!" "An idle mind is the Devil's workshop! That's probably why we Westerners get so stressed out working our tails to the bone. It has been ingrained in us to live that virtue!

On the other hand, the Easterners include "Attachment" as a Poison. That concept stops us Westerners dead in our tracks with a big "Huh?" Our heritage is so grounded in "getting" and "keeping!" It is extremely difficult for us to be neutral, or non-attached to losing or letting go of anything-people, money, goods, and so on.

In the literal sense, all of these poisons are translated as sins. Now, I became an expert on sin at the tender age of 8 years old! I knew all about original sin, venial sin, and mortal sin. I knew about their relationship to the devil and the various scary punishments for each. And I understood how to stay on guard to keep from committing any of this nasty stuff!

But what I have since discovered is that in the Eastern system, we conveniently translate these conditions into English as "sins," not because they are "offenses against God," but because each one obscures and shuts out our very pure and dear relationship with our own Best Friend, our Soul! The assumption here is that as we live in communion with, and at the behest of our very Soul, we are actually living out the great goal of our spiritual quest!

So, over the next several weeks, these articles will cover each of these Spiritual Poisons, or "Deadly Sins" one by one, for the sake of shining bright lights on our own shadowy misperceptions! We are searching out the very best ways to facilitate that utterly sweet and powerful Union with our own Best Self!

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2007


July 17, 2007

My apologies that this is so much longer than usual,
but there didn't seem to be any other way around it!
Yikes! Reams and tomes have been written about this one, very single "poison" to the Soul! So, in the interest of space, let's talk about why Lust is actually a poison. After all, sex is great--no holds barred! That is a God given, wonderful experience given to men and women.

But whoa! Sex and lust are not the same thing, actually. So, let's start with SEX, OK?

On the spiritual path, marriage is a lifetime agreement between two people to live as one Soul in two bodies. What an incredible quest! I know it's an outrageous challenge, but the whole relationship, if well-met is for the sake of transformation from the separate and personal "I," to the combined, delicious impersonal (not taking things personally, but always standing to support the Union) "We." That translates to the most intimate and cozy unification of bodies, minds and Souls--the God within each to consciously unify as the One God (or Essence).   So, please have lots of fun, kindness, and deeply respectful sexual sharing together with your life-partner!

In my opinion, this is the real meaning of Soul Mates--each changing and upgrading themselves to live for their Union--nitty-gritty spiritual and everyday work to LOVE from your depths! It is not looking for some lost piece of your Soul to finally fulfill you and cover your insecurities. Sometimes a spiritual marriage is hard and sometimes it's not so hard.  And sometimes it's really fine! 

But the goal and the course of the work remain the same, Union of Souls!  So, although it regretfully does happen, splitting this kind of Soul unification on down the road seems like an oxymoron.  Hence the serious spiritual path's life-time marriage commitment, rather than short term relationships.  

Here's a discovery I made recently when working with a lady's aura. Yogi Bhajan taught that if a woman has sex with a man, he will leave an imprint in her aura that will remain there for seven years! What I have seen is that the man implants a kind of energetic program that facilitates the woman vibrating to his frequency. You can see how this would facilitate a long term relationship. But if a woman has had lots of partners, how confusing this must be to her delicate system! Sex is quite a powerful exchange, Dears.

In that light, sex in a spiritual marriage is a great gift! In that context, not only can sex satisfy and build the emotional and physical inclinations of the partners together, but there is a possibility that in this sacred sex context, the pair may actually experience their combined Soul, which is God, together! Cool, huh? You can get really great information on how to pursue the sacred in your marriage in a terrific book called "The Art of Making Sex Sacred" by a good friend of mine, Guru Terath Kaur. You can order it by contacting her at .

Now, about all of these poisons: I'm going to get a little technical here, so please indulge me. Your energetic system, including your aura and other energetic bodies are actually your interface with your Soul. If your energetic system is cleared out and powered up, this amazingly intelligent and sensitive foundational system conveys your Life Force, which is the vitality of your Soul along with the stuff of the relationship between your everyday self (ego) and your Soul (your parcel of God).

If, however your energetic system bulges out or gets stuck with any of these poisons, which would be the focus of our small, ego self, and especially if their pull on you takes you over, you have switched your energetic system from doing the work of your Soul to doing the bidding of your habitual and obsessive small ego. Your energetic system becomes unbalanced, limited and you block your relationship with your Soul. Because of that, lust, anger, greed, pride and attachment are called "Poisons" to the spiritual life. They block and convolute your engagement with your sweet Soul. And in many cases, one's poisons can harm others as well.

So now, here are some snippets concerning LUST:

If you focus your sexual desire on another person, your energy actually reaches them! That other person is not immune from actually feeling the effects of your sexual energy reaching them! It has an effect. So, in a marriage, kindly sexual projection to your partner can work for great ends.

On the other hand, sending out your sexual engagement energy to any innocent or even non-innocent person is definitely invading the other person's private energetic space. If the other person has not given their consent, you are invading them, even if they have posed for porn. So, please do not fantasize sexually about another person that you are not married to because there is an actual energetic reality to this. The other person is affected, and you reap the karma of this invasion. I have known some people--cockroaches actually who control others by sending them this sexual invasion. Don't do it, and don't let it happen to you! Call on Baba Siri Chand if need be to protect yourself. Click here to learn how.

So, never, ever project any violent, nasty, or even "seemingly innocent" sexual fantasies! Any of these imaginings, especially if they are habitual can at some time take you over to the point that you actually perform them--whether unconsciously becoming sexually violent or even slipping into an affair without thinking about it. So, please watch out!

And in this light, why would any woman who conscienciously works with yoga and meditation to become more and more energetically sensitive dress in a fashion that would pull that creepy psychic sexual invasion to her? That is a puzzle to me, as it is to see women in yoga classes dressed so that parts of their beautiful bodys hang out.  Originally, many lineages of serious hatha yoga practice demanded a vow of brahmacharya (celibacy) to corral their sexual energies.  Although Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan acutally supports family and sexual life, wrapped in modesty, or "keeping it at home"!

Now, by all means, never ever project any sexual fantasy on any child. Children are so sensitive and vulnerable! That energy invades them and breaks their fragile systems in ways that mess up their entire life. Don't ever do it! And of course, it goes without saying, don't ever act out your sexuality on any child in any way.

As you may have guessed, there are higher vibratory rates of the sexual or second chakra system as we have alluded to in a spiritual marraige.  But there are also the dark, violent, controlling and nasty lower frequencies that are usually caused by emotional trauma in some lifetime.  If these lower vibes bug you, please regularly practice the great transformational yoga set that you can reach by a link a couple of paragraphs below.

So, this lust, or obsession with one's own sexual experience, especially with the loss of care for one's partner, much less their Soul--or perhaps even without a partner can become an addiction. This is usually due to some intrusion or breaking of the person's sexual energy as a child. Or it may happen by letting an inclination for sexuality get out of hand to become a habit. Please deal with rectifying this using all the addictions oriented knowledge and support--yogic and otherwise. Try Googling Sex Addiction, and you will find over two million entries on its symptoms, causes and treatments!

Whether your goal is to transform out of habitual sexual difficulties, or you just want MORE Union, please click here to get that marvelous yoga set to TRANSFORM YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY as well as to read Gurucharan Singh's wonderful comments on yogic sex physiology! Don't miss it!

So, the idea for someone on a spiritual path--or for any person of integrity is to heal, purify and strengthen your body, mind and energetic system, including your sexuality to fully experience your most outrageous Soul, your personal "slice" of God (or the All in All) in each its amazing facets!

Heartily lust for Union with your most incredible and juicy Soul! Yikes!

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2007


(Part 1 of "Anger")
July 31, 2007
In traffic, when another car dangerously cuts off my friend, she just mutters in a most unconcerned way, "Get a life," in their general direction. Not your normal fiery response! So, she explained, "Who wants to get into that anger thing? Get all sweaty and uptight, get red in the face, and let it ruin your whole day--or a few hours anyway? Not me!" Really smart girl, she is!!

Anger can be quite a huge, red specter! It can encompass everything from the small everyday annoyances and indignations; to those passive- aggressive "gotchas" that we just have to get in under the awareness radar to not seem to be "ungodly" angry at someone; to yelling at those we love; to letting this constant and unrecognized destructive voice inside our head screw up our self esteem, our relationships and our success; to the full blown and seething presentations that take us off our rockers--"The Hulk" style! Remember that TV show? What a huge range, huh?

But in every case, it appears to me that the root cause of all anger is the reaction of having our PERSONAL POWER ripped from us! And the power of anger seems to be a substitute for personal power! Oh, yeah. That's what I said! And that applies whether our personal power is actually attacked, or even if our short-sighted perception just feels that we are struck powerless--it's all the same. Our reaction can be immediate and it can dissolve just as quickly. Or it can linger, chewing up our insides even for a lifetime, and it might remain an underground fire to spark new, seemingly unrelated surface fires forever!

Now, let's look into this "loss of power" thing. Have you or anyone else ever gotten angry when any of these things were thwarted, denied or stolen from you: your ability to be effective or to get something done; your sense of ownership or what is due; your emotional or physical security and comfort, your self-recognition, sense of fulfillment and worth, self-love, or healthy wholeness; your love or concern for others, or your perceived need for others; your perception of justice; and so on?

All of these and more combine on every level to make up our everyday identity of who we are, what we are about, and what we can accomplish. Together, these make up our ego's sense of personal Power! To have any of these things wrested from us in any way, produces anger--whether it is huge and vociferous, or whether it is silent and unrecognized, turning a personal habit of anger against ourselves!

But one big problem is that anger makes us SICK! It hurts like heck--whether you are the giver or the receiver! To start with, look at how anger can get you red in the face. That's elevated blood pressure! Anger causes killing stress, and energetically it can eat away at your aura to finally rest in your body as some terrible disease. And it is at the heart of both inferiority and superiority complexes. It can cause you mental and physical anguish, slice down your loved ones and others. It can make a mess of your mind, impair your judgment and take you off your beloved center. Anger, especially the long term kind can sabotage your relationships, your business, your success, as well as your own heart and connection with your very Soul!

In the lore of ancient Japanese martial arts, one "weapon" that is truly effective against their opponents' well-honed concentrated awareness is to make their opponent angry! Only then when the opponent's concentration becomes scattered and blinded with anger can the attacker find an opening to move in to conquer the opponent! Woops! Double power loss!

So, in addition to the explosion or tearing apart kinds of expression, our anger can also manifest as fear, hurt, loss, temptation to retaliate, grief, anxiety, depression, and even mutilation in body, mind or spirit towards ourselves or others, or even as suicide or murder. Anger itself can be an incredible attack mechanism, and can be used to manipulate and control others, stealing their power! It ties us up in knots and makes us slaves to its uncontrollable fire or its sneaky undermining! And we can carry it around for lifetimes, as I have found when doing past life regressions with folks! Yikes!

So, do you think maybe it's time to reclaim our Power?

So, try this trick for now! Every time anger comes up for you, after you've had your full glass of water, and when you calm down--without being judgmental, follow your anger's trail to its source like a detective on a hot "who-done-it!" Get to the heart of your anger and route it out with constancy, honesty and humility. Expand yourself to look at the difficulty from all sides and all eyes. When you finally understand the core of what personal power has been lost, I bet you can let your goodness find inventive, constructive ways to not plop in the same hot water again. Get really productive! But remember--only avoiding those hot situations may just put off dealing with the root cause for the time being. Dig in, reclaim your lost power on a broad scale, and work out a game plan that benefits all!

Then, if you make it a life habit to change yourself accordingly--both in your awareness, and your energy patterns, you can only become more compassionate, wise, and free to definitely and fully jump into the real power of your Life--on every level! Claim your POWER, Dear Ones! Never side step it with anger again!

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2007


(Part 2 of "Anger")
August 16, 2016 & August 14, 2007


First, I have to say that when working with people who may have been molested or deeply wounded, especially on a recurring basis, I found that instead of allowing that terrible pain to come up again and then move to that next step of anger, they often go numb and actually float out of their bodies to avoid the pain of the whole business. So, when they finally and courageously get to the point of at last being able to blow out their anger, this is an incredible step to regaining their lost selves-- reclaiming their own power over themselves! This is the beginning of their healing process! Yeh!!!


But once that initial anger has been let out of the jar, it's best to continue that anger transformation process right away, rather than sinking in the pain of constant anger/depression for decades, or to numb oneself again with drink, drugs, sex or other addictions. For some insights on how to grapple with healing from abuse, please click here.

And don't forget! Forgiving your "trespassers" is actually for you! It doesn't let your tormentor off the justice hook, but it does actually dissolve that energetic bungie cord between you both that keeps you tied into those wracking, perpetual feelings of hurt, anger, guilt, shame and so on. Forgiveness quits that!

Now, here's something else. We may find that anger is an effective tool of self protection in the moment. So, my suggestion would be that either before that anger trigger appears on your horizon, or even after you have "let them have it," find out how your power over yourself or your loved ones is being impinged. This applies to both self-directed and other-targeted anger. So, really take stock!

Are your boundaries not tight enough? Are you judgmental or controlling--leading to anger because of some kind of fear? Are you responding to their retaliation for something they think that you have done to them? Does your anger actually stem from something deeper than this incident? Ask a lot of penetrating questions of yourself, especially in your meditations to identify how your personal power is being stomped or damaged. And especially dig out any illusions in your mind of how you might have felt that you were wronged, but when seen through others' eyes, you in fact may not have been. Work it out. Spontaneous compassion for both you and the other person can pop up if this is done in full Truth!

Remember, no one is intrinsically higher or lower than anyone else. We're just all here on the planet evolving together, no matter what our current consciousness level is! So, think about giving each other a break when it comes to blaming.

The next step is to work really hard with your consciousness to regain your personal power-- for example, perhaps making agreements clearer with others, rather than assuming that they will do what you silently, and without their knowledge expect them to do. And if that doesn't work, either change your expectations, or change your relationship with kindness, realization, and personal power--not anger. You can protect yourself without anger! You can be strong, forceful and passionate when needed without anger. That's pure personal power!

But if you really need to have a screaming anger fit, direct it to God! That's really safe, and you can pour every last ounce of your hurt and rage in that direction. Then look for unexpected changes in yourself and your situation because you've been heard, really heard!

Yogi Bhajan let us know that inner anger is like an ingrown hair, in that it is very difficult to get hold of and to get it out of our systems! But believe me, he has given us a way out of it, and as a result a way to reclaim your own power--both personal and Soul level! You can actually let go of that pit bull of a haunting energy pattern that destroys part of your life.

So, even if you don't think that you have any anger floating around inside your carcass, but if your life just doesn't seem to go the way you feel it should, please do try this yoga set for relieving your Inner Anger! It is quite amazing, I must say! To find it, please click here and then about half way down the page, you will find two links for the two consecutive pages of this set on "Inner Anger," courtesy of Dharam Singh, Millis' website. Please try it on a regular basis--40 days would be great! And watch what happens to the obstacles in your life! And if you click here, you can also order the CD of Yogi Bhajan teaching this class. A great experience!

And because anger is such an energetic firestorm, here are links to a couple more great meditations to transform out of that debilitating, burning, confusing energetic condition so that you may come back to your senses and your wholeness. Please click on them see how to Release Anger and Negativity, and the all important Releasing Childhood Anger!


Now for those of you on the spiritual path, you will realize that what we have been talking about so far is creating a strong and free ego, or personal identity that is not habitually gnarled up with anger causing log jams! After all, I heard Yogi Bhajan bellow a few times, "Nobody has a bigger ego than me!" Meaning it takes a mighty big freed-up ego or self-identity to become a great servant or an invincible pipeline to allow the unfettered flow of our Unlimited Soul--the personified God within. Wowee!


That means that our small, limiting judgments and habits step aside to allow the "Big One," our sweet Soul to take charge at every moment! That's what liberation or Self-Realization is, you know?

So, to finally do that, it means to hand over our ALL, everything--including our refined personal power to our Infinite Soul! That doesn't mean going numb, dumb or automaton. Quite the opposite! It means being fully present, conscious, tuned in and engaged from our very broadest and most open awareness, which you can only hope to do when those insidious 5 poisons (lust, anger, greed, pride and attachment) are not ripping off your Presence in any way!

When you are in this condition, since your Soul knows everything and is the great healer, the words, actions and energies that come through you come from amazingly intricate and perfect knowledge! Then your everyday self, what we call our ego can put aside its control and watch the magic of our Soul happen through us in elegant simplicity! And that, my Dears is why we go through all this stuff on the spiritual path. Pretty cool, huh?

So now, here's a gift for us from my dear friend, Ek Ong Kaar Kaur here in New Mexico to help us reach that Soul- in-charge condition! She writes:

Guru Nanak gave a meditation to recite the 33rd Pauree of Japji Sahib (a particular verse of an incredible prayer) 25 times a day, and he said that it had the power to turn the worst fate, the worst nothingness, into absolute everything.

I've been practicing this and it's been really healing, especially around anger. When I read your article on "Anger Exposed," I realized that the 33rd Pauree is about acknowledging that we have absolutely no power whatsoever--that everything is in the hands of the Divine, and that no one is higher or lower than another person.

So I thought you might want to share the technology of the 33rd Pauree with your readers as one tool to help transform those feelings of powerlessness.

Please click here to read that verse with her amazing translation of it! It is the "No Power" verse! By the way, Ek Ong Kaar Kaur teaches a spiritually dynamite course on the amazing prayers of Japji and Anand Sahib! You'll be so happy if you take advantage of these when she travels to your territory! Click here to reach her site.

And please go to to search for your own copy of her book "Japji: The Song of the Soul!"

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2007



(GREED--Part 1)
August 28, 2007


Greed, the current Poison of the Week, can be really sneaky!

It can pop up in the most inconvenient of circumstances! How about that envy that jumps into the middle of your conversation to instantly freeze your mind and heart, cutting off your genuine flow with another person?

What about that Biblical "coveting" thing that robs your happiness of what you actually have at that moment? Or that shaving of time from your job hours, or bleeding your clients dry, or taking off with someone else's stuff or ideas or copyrighted creations that actually makes you smaller rather than bigger, even if you don't get caught. How about constantly feeling driven to destructive stress due to an insatiable need to get or acheive? Or throwing your peace of mind to gambling, or gut wrenching fear of losing, or building bogus or harmful schemes to grab from the unsuspecting? Or creating falsehoods to swipe or keep what you want, regardless? What about wasting yourself and your world to addictions of any kind!

All Bummers!

Since Greed appears to stem from that most primal of human misgivings, "I'm not enough!" it gives rise to all kinds of mutations. Some of the more obvious are, "I need, I yearn for, I want, I die for that house/car/relationship/job/income/brownie/clothing/ thing/recognition/advantage/power," and so on to keep me EMOTIONALLY shored up by filling my gaping emotional hole at this moment. I need it to feed my false, fragile self identity. Problem is, that hole only gets plugged for a little while! Yikes! That's really unfulfilling. And, in fact the energetic workings of that emotional neediness can actually block what it is that you want! Really unproductive!

Now, this can be a little confusing because that clawing anxiety that emanates from "I am not enough" can in fact be mixed in with honest-to-God real needs, such as, "My family needs a decent place to live, and I need a decent salary to support them." That part is fine and should be addressed from a place of calmness, stability and consciousness. Even the fun of getting or expending, when balanced with the rest of our life is great! And Yogi Bhajan, of course taught us to be royal in every way, including our living standards, and to become wealthy so we could build hospitals and schools. One hint though--unbearable credit card* and other debt is not royal! And building your savings account and investments, and taking care of yourself and your family is prudent, not greedy.

But the energetics behind greed are grasping, holding, hoarding, needy, and needing more and more. Like both the ancient and modern warlords--such as the current political controllers, the energy power lords that hurl us towards global disaster, crippling corporate greed that rolls over the powerless, the disastrous Darfur raiders, and any tyranny or clique, big or small. They all operate at the behest of their leaders' greed, and their followers buy into the promise of sharing the spoils, whether they get them or not.

It is that overpowering energetic emotional program that shrivels us, hurls us into a tsunami of fear, throws us off our base and into a boiling sea of insecurity, that makes us lust for more and more, that creates that gigantic vacuum that spawns "gotta have it now or I'll die!" no matter how "true" that may be or not! These are the habitual emotional stings of the poison called greed! And you know what? Greed can actually marry any of the other poisons of Lust, Anger, Pride and Attachment to generate some amazingly complex emotional hybrids! Then we're really in trouble!

So, get this! On the spiritual path, the counterpoint to our small ego's "I'm not enough" is the experience of our Soul as "I am I Am!" What more can there be if we just abide safely and securely in the lap of our Soul? We just are! And we love this game that we call Life, and play to the death with any circumstance that our karmas throw our way, knowing that now is the time to pay them off really gracefully! After all, our Soul is going to expose every avenue, every crappy emotional habit (samskara) of ours that needs to be healed. Our Soul is constantly confronting us with our own personal brands of demise, death, and separation to be remedied so that It can finally be free to come forward as the Big Kahuna of this ego/Soul routine that we call our self/Self!

So, if you really want to break those crippling emotional habits from the root level, please choose your poison antidote from any listed on the Prosperity Paths site! Please click here to get a wealth of them! The real Prosperity then actually becomes the unfettered Flow through you, with you in full, powerful neutrality at the center. When that happens, then your Soul is freed up to organize the essential "stuff" of creation, the tattwas to support you and your journey to your Destiny! Oh, yeah! But if greed clamps you down, you really suffer, even if you think you are getting all the money, power, etc., that you really want.

Now, take a look at Mother Theresa. She pulled in tons, and she gave out tons! She was the center of the Flow-- both spiritually and materially! She was definitely a selfless giver. And selfless giving of time, money, goods, love, support, and so on are a primary weapon to open up our energetic Flow while beating off the imprisoning ravages of "I'm not enough," if, of course we actually open our minds and hearts while serving! When Yogi Bhajan told us that we could reach our Destinies by being Heroes, Givers or Saints, he actually defined "Giving" as a spiritual path!

So, the feeling behind Prosperity's Flow is "wide open" and letting it all move through you! And the experience is totally full, alive, really big but not hard to handle, supported and supporting, and it will carry us to live out our Destinies! That's our goal on the spiritual path--Prosperity as opposed to greed!


*To find a most amazing non-profit organization to help you with your credit card debt, and even reduce it, please click here to get to Care One Credit!

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2007


(Greed, Part 2)
September 11, 2007

Now, here's the flip side of greed springing from that same emotional rift of "I'm not enough!"

That is that I give, give, give while I block receiving! Or, my money, time and goods unconsciously run through my hands like water!

How many lifetimes have we spent taking the vow of poverty, or feeling that receiving is bad or unholy, or unconsciously doing penance for having been a marauding warlord, or that I shouldn't receive or hold onto what the Universe has actually given me because of my long ago traumas or training? So, I suffer constantly from lack! You know, all this is very subtle and usually needs to be examined while the mind is in a meditative state so it can delve deep down through the obscuring everyday layers. It is not logical, but these patterns are hard-wired in the emotional mechanism.

Meanwhile, this person is giving and not receiving, or losing to the point that they can't even take care of themselves, leaving them drowning in a sticky pool of neediness and fear. Does anyone out there recognize this syndrome? Yogi Bhajan actually said to not give more than you have--physically, emotionally and so on. So, that habit of subtly but strongly refusing or squandering, which is the flip side of greed, needs to be healed as surely as any overbearing warlord needs to heal their "grabbing" stuff, because they are both out of whack, out of balance.

Now, don't drink in the guilt--please! The undermining patterns for these imbalances thrive on guilt and deprivation. Just use your new awareness and the yogic technologies to humbly shed those fears of going under, along with their corresponding blocking patterns, and move to pure, naturally powerful neutral, so that you can free your Soul to sculpt the tattwas to support you as It genuinely yearns to! Accept your real benefactor--your Soul, so that your fullness can shine with your real Light, your Destiny!

Prosperity is always being in the center of magnificent flow! What joy! What freedom of spirit! And you know, there is no need to be guilty about having good clothes, car, home, vacations, etc., but be rooted in a strong platform of very full, free, capable, responsible/compassionate, and serviceable neutrality! A place where we would be secure and centered whether we had jillions, or hardly a jingle.

But is that unruly emotional grabber behind greed that imprisons our Souls--whether we're out of our minds or centers trying to yank in billions, or just shrinking to preserve a dime that would be better shared. Or conversely, if we are sunk in our habit of neediness, but turn our back when the Universe actually sends the help, the job, the comfort, etc. that would support us. Both avenues are unbalanced and devastating to teaming up with your spirit where you would surely find in that relationship that you are absolutely "All in All"! Pure Prosperity!

In the long run, it's the "attitude of gratitude" that saves us! Gratitude is a kind of divine love energy that neutralizes the magnetic pull of both greed and neediness. It gives us grace and space to ease into the Flow on all levels! Wouldn't you say that's what real Prosperity is?

"Whether you are naked or you have a golden robe on you, that doesn't make any difference. The ideal purpose of your life is that you are grateful--great and full-- that you are alive, and you enjoy it." Yogi Bhajan*

To reach your wealth of proven Prosperity builder technologies, please click here! "Prosperity Paths" website has an amazing collection of Kundalini Kriyas to bring about your Prosperity!

Now here is a method to move to Prosperity that Yogi Bhajan got someone to teach me quite a few years ago:

Pretend that it is exactly a year from now and mark down that date. Then:

1. List all the things that you would reasonably like to have happened by then. Check in with your Intuition to create this list! You might include some fears that you would like to overcome as well.
2. Tune in to your Soul for guidance. Then under each of those events, write down all the details about how you would have achieved each of those goals. Be sure they are specific, detailed and reasonable, and each achievement is preceded by the words, "I achieved (your goal) this year by doing (your means of making it happen).
3. Record yourself reading your own Prosperity Document.
4. Get someone to dub your recording of your reading over a recording of a repeating spiritual mantra.
5. Put that combined recording on low volume, but still able to recognize your words and play it continuously every night while you sleep for the whole year. (There are actually speakers that go under your pillow if you need it!) New realizations and new habits then begin to spring out of your awareness!
6. Then don't worry about what is happening on a daily basis because there are lots of twists and turns. It's amazing how your approach and your energy changes! Just keep up!

And by the way, I would definitely add consistent daily practice of a certain Prosperity Meditation! Change for the best will be yours!

*From: "The Master's Touch, On being a Sacred Teacher for the New Age," by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., Kundalini Research Institute, 1997, p. 166. To order it, please click here.

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2007


September 25, 2007

Now, there are just a few things that I would like to say about the fourth poison--PRIDE.

The first is that Pride is a cover up for deep feelings of insecurity. Oh, yeah! So, if we happen to suffer from low self-esteem, we need to be really careful when trying to heal it. Be careful not to substitute its polarity--Pride, such as "I am greater than all those others after all!" to prop you up, and fill that parched sense of self!

Both low self-esteem and pride are shaky legs to stand on--they are not the truth and they don't stand up to the merciless trials of life. Pride may raise up our self-image at times, but what a plunge it can take from such a height! Yikes!

So, instead, how about acknowledging the wonderful things that come through you and the wonder of who you honestly are, but avoid that puffed-up chest thing?  And even maintain that honest self-acknowledgement when things get challenging!  Keep an even keel.  Use your long, deep breath and mantra "SAT NAM" on the spot to stay solid while your mental and emotional habits change.

Yogi Bhajan had a really big deal religious title--the
Siri Singh Sahib.  He said that personally he didn't think of
himself as that title, but he served the office of the Siri
Singh Sahib.  What a terrific way to stay neutral while
sidestepping that pride trap, and then move into powerful
serving mode with any sort of responsibility or honor!

You know, I am always surprised when others cow to someone else's enormous hubris--such as our current politicians, and the heads of various cliques, or tyrannies that I see around. That appears to be a result of our fascination with "high" and "low" that we currently base our social judgments and interactions on. How flakey!

Now consider this. How about if we had a deep abiding awareness of the great power, kindness, joy and love that naturally and perpetually live within our own heart and belly? What if we really experienced it--night and day? What if that delicious "center" took root in a substance of trust and neutrality--total simplicity that nothing could rock? How about if we didn't have to make ourselves become anything other than what actions, recognitions, plans, powers, appearances and so on that naturally arose from this blessedly stable, peaceful and absolutely appropriate powerful Source that lives in our chest and abdomen?

This, my Dears is real humility--the great antidote of Pride!

Old ideas of humility seem to center on groveling, putting yourself "under" others, not recognizing or trying not to give credence to the greatness that flows through you, cutting your power. Consequently it often seems that one who practices that crumbling kind of humility can't really be effective without at least sometimes riding with its counterpart--Pride. What an unstable and contradictory pair!

So, why not try stepping out of that old and very confusing bi-polar model of where to put your self- recognition, and step into one that works! Now to put a name on this condition of "Self-Awareness," we will call it Shunia, or the Zero Point, or pure Neutrality! Remember, this condition is not numbness, or living out of our bodies, or split personality. No, indeed! It is calmly and contently being in completely grounded Fullness, no matter what your external circumstances are.

This is when our "egos," our everyday self, our self-identity moves over to allow our Soul, or our God-Self, or the All-in-All, or the Infinite Intelligent Power, or Absolute Love to operate as our real, true Source! No longer does our poor little personality have to shore itself up to try to be great, or to shoulder the load of life, or create a smokescreen of appearances that might draw some respect from others so that we might gain some illusory confidence in ourselves and justify our place on Earth.

No, indeedy! This abiding in pure and deep neutrality is the big cat resting until its Source springs it into powerful action. It is the martial artist "in the zone" who moves perfectly without thinking--only being deeply involved in the wave of knowing. It is the rising, abiding spirit of joy that has no worry about high or low, acceptable or non-acceptable. It only regards all with the presence of peace, kindness and love--no matter what is happening around it, even in battle!

Our small self's surrender to carrying out the impetus from our Soul brings forth extraordinary talents, abilities and great power that our small self couldn't even imagine. Totally unique, creative and effective! And when our small self identity stands firm to serve the workings of our Soul that arise from this vast Potential, the small self gets the enjoyment of having a front row seat to experience what happens. What sheer fun and very deep satisfaction!

So, the quest for Life in this paradigm is no longer, "Am I beautiful, rich, talented, adored, and powerful enough to get enough recognition to feel really good about myself consistently?" There is never enough adulation for that, believe me!

The really, truly satisfying course of Life becomes for my little guy, my ego, to slide over and give the driver's seat to my Soul so that we can really have fun and great confidence in our Life! Wow! We may never know what is coming, but our Soul knows how to handle it really well if we let It! Then Life really becomes and adventure! Give it a whirl--see what happens! Since this switchover is usually a step by step process over time, why not begin now?

Please click here to get a Kriya that will help you come to your Shunia!

And to get experience in accessing the amazing wisdom and security from your Soul, how about taking my tele-class, INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening? Click here to check it out!

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2007


October 9, 2007

Well, "Attachment," is our fifth and final Poison, or hindrance to living directly from our Soul!

Basically, attachment stems from fear of losing-- losing anything that you can think of! As we discussed in our very first newsletter on these poisons, this idea of non-attachment is probably the most Eastern concept of all. In the West, we usually live to get, to build, to hold, to increase, to pile up, to grow stuff, whether it benefits us or not. It is a virtue to hold on tight, no matter what the toll in every case! So, this non-attachment business can be really alien to us!

But just think about it. If we are afraid to give up or to lose, how can we take chances? How can we let go of unworkable concepts and emotions? How can we be open to receive the next gifts from our Soul when that space is plugged up by hanging onto the outdated models? And the transition is as torturous as we make it with our consuming fear.

By no means am I saying that the objects of our attachment are bad--no way! For instance, we might be attached to, or fear losing our house, members of our family, our job that is our source of income support, our honor in the eyes of others, etc.

The problem is that if we try our best to hold on so tight to them, to not let go, to keep them as they are, then we choke out various kinds of change, expansion or growth that may come to us if we didn't keep such a tight grip. The antidote is to "Let go, and let God!"

For instance, what if we fear losing our home--which is happening to lots of folks these days. Our fear may be so great that we emotionally hold onto it tighter and tighter? The result might be that since we are so emotionally bound down to that house, that when the warning signs appear, we might be so frozen in our holding on that we may not be able to do what is necessary for our own good. We may become so frantic that we don't take steps to change our situation quickly, such as finding an inventive solution, which may be getting a better mortgage or selling it quickly and using the equity to find some other home for ourselves and our family.

Or perhaps a wife is so attached to her husband to give her security that she winds up emotionally choking him! Then he sees no option but to unbind himself from the relationship. Quite the opposite of her intention!

And on a day to day basis, how much time do we spend regretting what we think that we have lost or fearing what we might lose? How much anguish, depression, fear and isolation does that bring? And how tightly does that keep our eyes shut from seeing and creating new opportunities for moving forward? I have heard some people say that losing their job was the best thing that ever happened to them because it freed them up to do something that they really and truly loved!

And I know others who when they feel that change is blowing in the wind for them, they will clean out their house and garage--throw out and give away tons of stuff to actually help unlock the ethers, the tattwas so that the new can come in! Sometimes it takes a lot of faith and lots of courage to do that.

But mostly, attachment blocks communication from our Souls moving us to change. All fear does that! The object of a spiritual life is to follow the lead of our God Selves, so why thwart it?

Now, I am not saying don't be committed! There are some cases where you need to be committed to the last breath!

Hold the space for some event or circumstance. Have your plans, your dreams and your direction. Don't give up on your family and friends and not care for them. Although non-attachment seems to be the basis for "tough love" to bring about changes. Continue to nurture and pursue what you love and believe in with courage and forbearance ("keep up!"). Establish and maintain boundaries that give integrity to your project, your personal space, your relationships. Be responsible! All those are absolutely necessary! It is ultra important to ground, to define, to deepen, and to offer protection to everything precious in our lives.

But do be free and don't choke it to death either. Allow change and growth! Integrating these seeming opposites is the dynamic foundation for living with power, effectiveness, and creativity on this Earth, while being light and free enough to dance with the Cosmic evolution from your Soul! Open up to change because all things, people, work, personal identities, culture, events, ideas, etc. continually go through transformation. And if you remain neutral--neither backing down, nor holding on tight--with guidance from your very Soul, then you "live in the flow" of cooperating with your precious Soul who leads you to your Destiny!

This is quite a sophisticated ability. But the more we master it bit by bit, the easier life is and the more we grow! Worth it, I think!

For a great meditation for fear, please click here. And click here for a mantra that actually works wonders in moving transition and transformation along in the most profound ways! It actually contains the word for "Desireless," which is non-attachment!

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2007


Stand Up for Your Self!
October 23, 2007

Here is Cloe from Australia's question right after she read our first newsletter on the fifth spiritual poison, "Non-Attachment: Another Name for Desirelessness!"


Sat Nam Siri Gian,

How does non attachment differ to I am not worthy. I think it is easy for me to say I don't need this or that or I do not expect that from someone but sometimes it might be because I don't actually value myself enough to ask or get what I actually could have an attachment too.

I suspect there is some self responsibility that is required and not using non attachment as an excuse. A possibility for some spiritual warriors.

For example I am working all different jobs and all of them owe me money. I have not been paid for any--what a coincidence. I think that oh I will get paid when I am meant to but it is still not coming. I have a serious block with the flow of money. I know I have an attachment to money but not getting paid for anything I do is a strange test. I know I will eventually get paid but what is it I am meant to be learning with? Surely it is not non attachment. Money is just slipping through my fingers.

Love and Light

Now, Dear I certainly understand your predicament about not making boundaries regarding money due to your feeling that that would be expressing attachment. And the answer is quite similar to the newsletter "Greed, Part 2" at . And because this way of acting can be translated into situations beyond getting paid, I will go into detail about this.

First, you need to hold your center--stay in neutral at all times. Neutrality is central to moving out of all of these poisons. So, being in neutral means being in a "place" where your emotions or old programs don't pull you in any way. Drop your fear! Neutrality is also the source of your full spiritual power as expressed on Earth--neither caving in nor being overbearing, just tuning into your Soul to know what is the "Truth," which is the right thing to say and do to maintain your boundaries in the moment. Dance with it! Don't get stuck or go monotone. Enjoy yourself and the other person with high spirits as you do this. Really!

In other words you don't get mad at the folks who owe you money, or depressed that you are not collecting the money right now. Instead, stand your ground and expect your agreements to be fulfilled! That is integrity and participation in the prosperous flow of the Universe. This is the integral balance of the spiritual life!

Now, be very aware of this--neutrality does not mean that you are numb, or shrinking from holding strong to your boundaries, which are at the heart of your negotiated agreements with your "employer." Those weakened attitudes might come from misperceptions such as "I don't want to be attached, especially since I am a spiritual person," or "I don't really deserve to be paid when they said they would," or "Since I am a compassionate person, I will absorb their mistreatment of me and work on forgiving them while not standing up to enforce our agreements," or "If I stand for myself, then I am being ego-centric," or being blown over by their saying, "Wait just a little longer than I originally promised the third time around."

As a spiritual person, that is not acceptable! You must NOT excuse yourself from participating in the Universal Flow because you are "spiritual." No, indeed! Quite the opposite!

It is my opinion that we may learn those habits of not being fully present, or becoming non-effective ghosts perhaps from some past lifetimes in monasteries where all material matters were left up to the management, and the monk or nun didn't need to worry about those things, or perhaps this training was used as a device to control the population. But now, as householders we need to be fully present, fully responsible for ourselves and our families and allow the complete, sweet power of the Infinite to flow through us to create the dignity, the freedom and the integrity of every situation we encounter--for ourselves and for our employers!

If you were actually attached, you might get fighting mad, hurt, blaming, becoming obsessive about when and how much you would be paid, or threatening in your behavior if they were late--as opposed to training them to their word, etc. No, Dear. When you do that, you cut your power as a spiritual person. And of course, there are times when you might have to take heavier measures. But for the day to day stuff, this will work fine. Remember, you can not live up to your spiritual potential if you don't hold others to their word, their agreements with you!

So, there is a real ease to this kind of Self-Power. You are able to deal with this as does a martial artist--from the center of your "zone" that is open to all possibilities. And you get there with your habit of spiritual practices.

Being "Non-Attached," or "Desireless" is one aspect of being fully present in your Infinite Power on Earth! This is the balance; don't fall off your balance! Be steady and strong! Kindly negotiate your well defined boundaries, but you certainly don't have to be obnoxious about it! Just be sure in yourself and be clear with the other person what those boundaries are so there is no guessing when payment time comes. In situations like this when I need to be very clear, neutral, free-flowing and up in spirit, I like to use the mantra "Gobinday, Gobinday, Hari, Haree" for communication!

So, here are some very practical points for dealing with work/money exchange agreements:

  • Clear communication with your employer; keep a sense of humor, don't be mushy.
  • Make a written contract/agreement that covers the scope and details of your work; include pay dates, and procedures if payment is late, including penalties, added interest, etc.
  • Please kindly follow up if payment is late!
  • Stand up for yourself as you would for another person. This keeps you neutral, strong and keeps all the "ego" shennanigans out of it!

You'll do great! Keep up!

Lots of Love,

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2007


Yogi Bhajan

From Yogi Bhajan Himself
November 6, 2007

There are five things which are bad. One is lust, another is anger, the third is greed, then there is attachment and pride. They come from Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. You can't get rid of those five things, because those five things come from the five elements, and you are the product of those five elements. So, all these tattvas*, these five elements, have some essence.

Kaam is desire. (Lust/Water) Kaamanaa is the reference to the self-reverence. So you learn through the experience of a yogi that Kaam should be converted into Kaamanaa. You can't get rid of it. Don't misunderstand that you can blame and say it is bad. What is bad about it? It is what it is. Without that desire, you cannot reach. But you can desire desirelessness. To be desireless, is a desire. So you can convert desire into desirelessness. What are the benefits? Catch-22. If you desire the desirelessness and you perfect it, you don't have to desire; desireability will be yours. Your ability to get all desireability, and produce it in your environments, is granted. Very good deal.

Krodh is what you have from fire. You have anger. Mostly you get angry. If you do not get angry, people make you angry. The only times that you become truthful are when you are absolutely insensitively and sensitively in a passionate love, when you are in utmost fear, or when you are angry. These are the times that you come out without reservation, because when you are practicing anger, you are practicing insanity. At that time you have no sense of metabolism, you have no sense of self-protection, you have no sense of anything.

So anger is very consuming. Anger makes you less than a human, and more of a beast. But on the other hand, if you divert this anger toward your weaknesses, you'll be perfect. In essence you get angry if you do not do what is correct. So anger was meant for self-purification. It was not meant to burn others.

Then third was greed: Lobh. (Earth) You want. You want beautiful things, you want sex, you want a partner, you want a soul mate, God knows how many stories you have made about yourself. But you want. It's very uncomfortable that you keep on wanting everything. But if you get diverted into one want, use your greed to live extremely greedily with the goal that you will not be greedy, then all of nature will serve you. You will have all. Nature will give you all that you need.

Now comes attachment: Moh. (Air) Well, you can be attached to me, you, us, all, none. And you can be attached to your neuroses, which normally 99.9 percent of us are. People are very neurotic. They circulate their life like a wheel, with the hub as self- neurosis. But out of the self neurosis, if you become insane enough, neurotic enough, in love enough to attach yourself to Infinity, you can, from that mental swing, reach God on both sides. It's very simple.

Ahangkaar: pride. (Ether) You will boast; you will be prideful. You will feel others as inferior, yourself as superior. So you'll play the game of inferiority and superiority complexes. You live a life of complexes and everything you do has a complexes. So you are very divided into pigeonholes. You do not know how to get out of it. But what is there which you cannot get out of? Let us be very sensitive about it.

You can be very proud and grateful and gracious that you have this chance of time and space. "I should be very grateful that I have time with you, and I have space with you. I can be very proud that my name is spiritual, guiding, reminding, going. "So many things your self- pride can give you. But if you do not compete and compare yourself with others and confuse yourself, you can be marvelous. So all that there is, is self realization. But basically your fulfillment is not because of your insecurity. Because with that insecurity you are handicapped, and people see it.

*Tattwas: The energetic "building blocks" or ingredients of matter or substance.



Jap Ji Sahib balances ether & pride

Jaap Sahib balances air & attachment

Anand Sahib balances fire & anger

Rehiraas Sahib balances water & lust

Kirtan Sohila balances earth & greed

*The Banis are the five powerful Sikh prayers that are recited at specific times of the day. To get a wonderful translation and transliteration of them, please click here. Or you can go to them now at Just click here!


Lust: Instead of being lustful to exploit new bodies a man can see in a woman, not an object of exploitation, but a mother or sister image to be respected. He can change his attitude from exploitation to service.

Anger: Instead of directing anger at others, be angry at your own negativity.

Greed: Instead of being greedy to possess things, be greedy to spread truth to all people: to possess a higher caliber; and to become a great saint or a great teacher.

Pride: Instead of being an egomaniac, identify yourself with the Infinite. Have pride and gratitude that God made you a human.

Attachment: Instead of being attached to earthly possessions, be attached to the value of the whole universe! Be attached to the idea of a healthy, happy, holy life; and not to wanting to see people suffer.

(From the Teacher's Manual).

Newslettter from, 2007, Copyright Kundalini Research Institute.


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