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Meditation to Conquer Self-Animosity

As with any Kundalini Yoga Kriya (exercise set) or Meditation, begin by sitting straight and tuning in.


Sit on the floor in a comfortable cross-legged position or on a straight-backed chair with both feet resting comfortably on the floor.  Relax and lengthen your spine, tuck your chin back slightly toward the wall behind you, and maintain the torso upright, keeping an alert attitude throughout.  

Allow your arms to relax at your sides.  Bending the elbows, bring the hands up to the center of your chest, at the heart level.  Bring the hands into fists with the thumbs remaining straight and pointing upwards.  Press the two fists together so the middle segments of the fingers touch each other and the two thumbs touch each other.  

Focus your eyes softly at the tip of your nose and maintain this focus throughout.  You don’t need to strain your eyes—merely direct the gaze, and allow the eyes to relax.

Inhale through the nostrils,
Exhale through the mouth,
Inhale through the mouth,
Exhale through the nostrils.

Continue this breath pattern, alternating breath through nostrils and mouth, switching on the exhale throughout.

Continue for three minutes, gradually building time to 11 minutes.  You may practice this meditation daily, but no longer than 22 minutes in one sitting.  

To end, inhale deeply and stretch your arms over your head.  Maintaining the arm stretch, take 3 more deep breaths.  Lower your arms and relax.  

Use this meditation to heal the break in consciousness and in higher self-awareness, which can occur when the ego-mind gets to feeling a bit lacking or doubtful.  Use this meditation to bring you back into your birthright— into the knowledge and experience of your divine self.

Copyright KRI, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan (R) .



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