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By Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa


I am known as the founder of Soul Answer Healing and Training.  This is a story of an experience of when I was most challenged.  I had to learn through my own pain, so Soul had to heal me!


Soul is so simple, kind and pure truth, my best Friend!   We experience Soul through “intuition” of the neutral mind (see  That is “Sunniai” as Soul’s Listening, and then “Mannai” is Surrender/Neutral, or Following what Soul says.  That is the whole process of Japji Sahib. 


There was a time when I felt that my sweet and pure community had turned against me, which cut deep into my heart.  Previously, over a few years, I had felt respected as a healer and teacher, until it came to a certain event that I organized, which created an intense situation.  A few individuals used angry lies and slander, which influenced others to gossip and snub me, all based on untruths.  I felt attacked by my beloved sadhsangat, and I was deeply wounded.


I wanted SOUL, my God Self, my pure powerful and Real Truth, to help me - I felt that Truth would surely smash those mean mobs!  My screaming pleas wanted SOUL to vanquish my enemies, or at least shield me from them.


But you know Soul’s answer?  Just two words--“LOVE THEM”! 


I was so shocked!  My mind yelled “NO!”  I stomped with anger!  That was just too much!  But even though I was completely stunned, deep down, I knew that SOUL was right.  My logical mind kept thinking about how to beat the “enemies,” or remedy the situation.  I railed against them, seeking justice, again and again.  But no logic or reasoned way would solve the issues, or heal my pain.  


Finally, I knew I had to follow Soul, my True Teacher that had always worked before.  So I began simply to LOVE THEM, from a purely neutral state.  I had learned Heart Breath –,  a healing energy technique that uses long deep breathing, projecting love and energy healing from my heart on every exhale, that I practiced continuously.


It took me about 3 years, and during that time I found many similar kinds of pain within my being, histories of when I had been separated, cut out, removed, etc.  There were so many karmic experiences—from this life, past lives, and even from my ancestors; I learned that each of those terrible, ostracized situations could only be healed by the reality of “LOVE THEM”.  But this is not the sentimental sort of love, and not the logical understanding “why” of love, and not the fake kind that denies your truth. 


Soul said, and I knew, the only thing that could help me, was to use deep, energetic meditation, neutral forgiveness, with simple heart LOVE!


In untangling the long strings of hurtful events, I had to LOVE each perceived enemy through my own healing over 3 long years.  I found that when I actually “LOVED THEM,” that pain, that hurt, immediately vanished!  I found that I was no longer tied to those hurts, and I felt amazingly at ease!  From that experience, I gained a deeper understanding about anyone who would attack me. I understood that it was actually their own pain, being projected towards me.  So now, when I feel someone’s projecting an attack, I send them Heart Breath healing energy, neutral forgiveness, and LOVE THEM.  I was liberated!


I found that all of our hurts, those deep internal pains that can be projected to others as an attack, or as felt as wounds to victims, come from the unconscious records playing inside us, --these are “trances” that are imprinted from our traumatic experiences in this life, our past lives, and even from our ancestors.  When we heal through deep Soul listening, we learn what is needed, so we don’t continue the cycle of trances, and we can let go of the karmic hurt patterning.


My understanding of these results has helped me many times since then. I’ve been surprised at how easily I have accepted life’s circumstances with LOVE.   For instance, I did not experience anxiety or worry after my stroke in January 2020.  While the stroke left me with communication challenges, my beautiful daughter, Siri Atma Kaur helps to edit my “stroke-speech”, even for this article!  And we have found this process has helped so many --Soul teaches us how to heal our deep hurts and trances.   LOVE heals!



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