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Healing In Espanola, NM, ½ hour drive north of Santa Fe. Why not have a whole healing vacation?  I am here most of the year!

Healing In Los Angeles, CA, TBA "Cardiff Location" near Pico/Robertson or Airdrome, south of Beverly Hills and north of the 10 Freeway. 

Healing in Pasadena, CA TBA at Khalsa Chiropractic, please call 626-345-9750 to schedule

My very Dear One!

How important is your own life to you?

Do you really want to open up your life to kindness, greatness and success?

Do you want to drop all those nagging bypasses to really and truly living your Destiny here on Earth? Find out your most incredible gifts and how to use them!

Do you want to slice through recurring pain and confusion to find real self-worth, tremendous love, and answers to your hardest questions?

Do you want bankable changes that support your very best good?

How about actually experiencing your God Self and getting completely trustworthy answers from It?

Then please come for a session of Transformational Healing with me, Siri-Gian!  We, along with your all-wise Soul will actualyy remedy these difficulties--really!

People report that they have never felt so safe and loved as in these sessions, Dear. And the effects don't disappear, but they become the foundation of a beautifully elevated Life!

 Here's what one person wrote:

Dear Sweet Siri Gian,

I am writing to thank you--rather belatedly, but no less wholeheartedly--for the gift of our session together last January. The guidance I received through you from my heart and Soul resulted in a glorious and ground breaking year of life.  My spirit has been fed over and over by the awareness that your work created. That work was the foundation for the exciting, challenging, rewarding, healing, and properous creative expressions I chased after--and invited in these past 12 months.  The most delightful thing is that I know it's all been just the tip of the iceberg!  For all these reasons and many more that have yet to reveal themselves, I humbly and gratefully offer you this tithe, and I wish for you the same and beautiful fulfillment I have been fortunate to experience.  Be well!

Blessings, and lots of love,

Jai Kaur Khalsa, Santa Monica, CA

 Click here to see more!

Here are some of the methods that we use:

 Healing Energy
• Acupressure touch
• Regression to past lives or earlier in this life.
• Guided conversations with your own Soul
• Intuited information and guidance
• Yogic technologies
• Tremendous protection, love and transformation

This healing is a very natural ability that I am most grateful to be gifted with, and I am guided by so many wonderful Ones “upstairs” for your very own benefit!

We’ll first sit in a couple of chairs to chat and to get to know each other, while you tell me what you would like to work on in our session.  Then you will lie on a massage table fully clothed while I begin to press on your body (acupressure) as I am guided.  This will begin to open and move your energy.  Already healing energy is flowing!

Next, I will tell you to not to believe anything that I say unless it feels true to you!  And to let me know right away if you don’t agree or you don’t understand.  It is so very important that this process communicates with the deepest Truth within you!

And then I will begin to talk with you concerning what my Intuition—my phone line to your and my Soul is telling me.  This higher direction is what guides our session.  And then I will probably help you get in touch with your own Soul so that we can ask it all kinds of questions and get the very best answers possible!  No guess work here.  Only Truth!

Then together, we will go straight for those blocks that are causing you difficulties and effectively work through them using the appropriate approaches to resolve and heal them.  This way you can gain the incredible wisdom, confidence and expansion that are the true gifts of healing.  This is real transformation!

During your 1 ¼ hour session, old traumatic energy will dissolve so that you can open to the incredible lightness that flows through you.  And you may actually see and feel the Light of your own Soul!  Your life shall have changed for the better, Dear One!

And since our session together will most probably have quite a powerful effect on you, I suggest that you really take it easy for the rest of the day.  Don’t go back to work if you can help it!  And it will be important for you to take especially good care of yourself for the following three days!

To determine if this healing is right for you, why not take a moment now to breathe slow and deep.  Ask your Soul if this is what you need, then notice if the feelings in your body tell you this would be good for you!

Personal Healing Session
About 1 1/4 Hours........$125. 


For Espanola, New Mexico

Those appointment times will be given in Mountain Time, USA, and are available from 1-6 PM, Tues., Thurs., Friday.  Choose the link that reads:

 1 1/4 hr. Soul Healing in NM
          Transformational Healing at my home in Espanola, New Mexico, 1 1/4 hours.  $95

Once you schedule your appointment and use your credit card, you will receive a confirming e-mail that will give you the site address to find directions to my location!

Los Angeles Area

1 1/4 hour Healing in Los Angeles, Cardiff location, $125

Dates To Be Arranged: We will be at our Cardiff location, not too far from Pico/Robertson, fairly near Yoga West. 

  1 1/4 hour Healing in Pasadena, $125 

Dates to be arranged at Khalsa Chiropractic in Pasadena.  Please call them to schedule at 626-345-9740.  Schedule for a session with our wonderful chiropractic healer, Dr. Santokh Singh while you are at it.

Accept Credit Cards

If you will be using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card from a country other than the USA or Canada, or need to pay by e-check rather than credit card, please e-mail your preferred appointment time(s) to me at and we will register you a little differently!

 I look forward to meeting you and your amazing Soul, Dear!

Lots of Love,



thanks doesn't convey the gratitude i feel about our exchange and the time you shared with charles (my husband) and I.

the wildest part in retrospect is i felt you right there --- its like we all became one and i sensed you knew exactly where i was going--- you talked to me as if we were seeing the same scenery--- and the room melted i felt the subtle parts of you and charles by my side --- but didn't feel your hands on me
a broad expansiveness, an open energized current flowed ever so strong, so intense so pure--- just boundless
wow what an amazing  process-- thank you so very much
debbie, los angeles

The session you shared with me was like a homecoming to my soul.  Words cannot express the gratitude I send to you.
Peggy DiCaprio, Los Angeles

For FOLLOW-UP information
after your Transformational Healing Session,
please click here. 

Question on the Cost of Healing? 
Click here.



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