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Here are a few more things that folks have said about

our sessions together that you might

like to know about.

I wanted to thank you so much for our session today.  I feel as  though  a cloud has been lifted and I can't stop smiling!I have been thinking about some of what we talked about in my head  and things are getting more and more clear.

Thank you again so much,
Peace and Love!

Hari Sadhana Kaur, Pasadena, CA

Dear Siri Gian...

I just wanted to extend another thank you for today. It was an amazing experience... Meeting you.. Connecting with baba siri chand... Amazing. 

I truly feel blessed for people I've encountered that have become a part of my life... what I have learned and experienced.

I am so excited to have this connection.  Excited for what I learn next... And I look forward to our next meeting!! 


Cynthia, Los Angeles, CA

I had an extraordinarily beautiful time with Siri Gian. I had a healing session and I also consulted her about my 14 year old son.

Everything that we spoke about concerning my son was ENORMOUSLY helpful. It was like God knew just what I needed to hear to UNDERSTAND and to give me something to work with to help my son grow and develop.
It's not that anything is really bad, but I know that he is an advanced soul and I needed that help to --- help keep him on his Soul's Course and to develop what need's to be developed.

The healing with her was -words cannot do justice, to what I felt and experienced during this healing time.

She was so kind, and full of Love, and gentleness and such an easiness about her... she gave me a tour of her home and land, her garden. Wow! Actually this was the HIGHLight of my trip to Taos!!!!

I just wanted to thank you for pointed me to Siri Gian.
At first I didn’t think it would happen -- and something said to me just go and meet her... so I followed that intuition. I've met many, many different kinds of healers in my life and I would have to say Siri Gian is truly a HEALER in every sense of the word and she embodies LOVE and wisdom and can articulate what needs to be articulated ... she does not act like I AM THE HEALER and it's a SECRET thing ...... that I know how to do.... she's humble and grateful and Joyful -- she teaches while she is healing.  I hope to work with her more in the future.

Joanna Ajeet Kaur, Taos, NM

Just wanted you to know what a difference the reading I had with you made to me. It was pivotal and I thank you from the depths of my heart.

Blessings to you!

"I felt very clear and light after our session, a miracle of release!  I felt so at ease in the world! 

JK, New Mexico


Siri Gian Kaur is a divine healer who embodies the energies of an angel, an elfin pixie and a wise goddess.  I have found working with her to be joyous, expansive and deeply healing.

Kulwant Kaur Khalsa   


Wonderful and profound change with each session. Siri Gian Kaur is very successful at getting to the root of any blocks and very powerful at moving the energy towards release. 

Harimander Singh Khalsa

Goodmorning Siri Gian, Congratulations on a brilliant brilliant and brilliant newsletter well done.  I am so pleased you have chosen this topic and I congratulate you on the many souls you will reach about this subject. (Click here to read that article on Lust.) 

W.,  Australia

Thank you so much for our session yesterday.  I think it made major changes!

GMK, New Mexico

I wanted to thank you for treating me in June. I felt the effects immediately. My anger dissolved and I could finally start to concentrate on other things. Later it came back (not as strong) as I cleansed my liver, but as I said not as strong. I don't remember having problems falling asleep since than either. Your great advice for not taking in any sugar resolved my gas problem.

MM, Los Angeles, CA

I have had such freedom since our last session together.  My left side is so free.  I had been dealing with this left side for soooo long and now it just feels "clear".  I love the work that you do. 
Sada Nam Kaur, CA

Dear Siri Gian,

Hello Dear One,

I have wanted to write you a little thank you note for so very long. Your work to bring such necessary beauty to our lives is compassionate and healing to many, and to me personally. I don't often have the consistency of mind to practice the jewel meditations that you send along, nor work through the confusion enough to make superb progress.

Every once in a while, the clouds of confusion part, and I am so blessed to find treasures and reminders of practice that you have sent.

And also, I have a friend that risked great fear and doubt to come to the women's camp in Espanola a year ago. She faced fragile nerves and a troubled spirit. You helped her to feel much better and stronger. Thank you for touching her life, and my life, too.

Hoping to gain ground and "keep up"- at least through expressing my gratitude to teachers like you- who are truly gracious, inspiring, and God-sent,

Oh, thank you again...

Suzannah, Wimberly, TX 

Dear Sweet Siri Gian,

I am writing to thank you--rather belatedly, but no less wholeheartedly--for the gift of our session together last January. The guidance I received through you from my heart and Soul resulted in a glorious and ground breaking year of life.  My spirit has been fed over and over by the awareness that your work created. That work was the foundation for the exciting, challenging, rewarding, healing, and properous creative expressions I chased after--and invited in these past 12 months.  The most delightful thing is that I know it's all been just the tip of the iceberg!  For all these reasons and many more that have yet to reveal themselves, I humbly and gratefully offer you this tithe, and I wish for you the same and beautiful fulfillment I have been fortunate to experience.  Be well!

Blessings, and lots of love,

Jai, Santa Monica, CA

Hi Siri Gian
I just wanted to thank you for all your expertise.  Since the healing in LA and the intuition course I have felt deep love from deep inside my heart.  I also dropped a shield that I had around me and I believe it was there since I was young.  After about one week some more of the shield dropped away.  My soul told me about having letters after my name and I finally found a course I like in a college book.  You have been a wonderful guide for me and my soul.  Thank you so much.    I have felt a longing for my Dad who is slipping away and later that day felt a different kind of longing for that special guy to be.  My soul and I are grateful for you bringing us closer and explaining it to us.
Have a wonderful evening

Sat Nam
Inder, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Sat Nam Sir-Gian,  

I'm finishing up Teachers Training  soon, and so grateful  to you! It was our session in Los Angeles  on January 30 2008 that re-awakened my soul to her destiny of teaching the Healing Yoga of Dance. 

Thank you and Blessings!


SSK, Los Angeles, CA

Sat Nam,

Dearest Siri-Gian Kaur,

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful website you continue to
send to the world.  I read it frequently and try to absorb all of its
great teachings.

You gave me a reading last fall.   I have worked very hard on
incorporating those teachings into my life and sharing them with

I feel very humbled and blessed to have you in my life.  Perhaps
sometime I cannot take one of your phone classes.  The classes seem to
always be on a night I work.

You give your website so freely to the world..  Thank you.

May your day be filled with Peace, Love and Prosperity.

Sat Nam,


SKK, North Carolina

In these uncertain and challenging times, many of us are in need of support from a true friend.  It has been said the truest friend is one who teaches you to go beyond yourself, the  Guru.   Siri Gian is a teacher who will help you build a relationship with God within, the Guru within, and hold the space for you to hear your Soul.  She is a dedicated teacher who has practiced what she teaches...Many Many Blesssings to her and her work.

Thank you Siri Gian for the wonderful work you have done with me.  It is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for holding the space for me I continue on the journey.
Thank you for your prayers.


SK, New York

I am doing very well since our session; it was just what I needed! I started school and remembered what you told me about sitting back and practicing my heart breath and transforming whenever things were moving slowly.  It worked perfectly; I was so happy to have had the forewarning and as a result was really able to enjoy class and stay open and patient with the process.  I feel much lighter and very optimistic about the new chapter of my life I'm entering into.  Thank you so much and it was wonderful to see you!

Kendra Stark, Santa Monica, CA

Very interesting how the healing is continuing.  Much has come bubbling up and I am writing.  A bit of a frustrating day trying to work on the computer.  So I am just going to do other things and let the frustration disperse.  I guess I am meant to take care of other things today.  I have had a lot of access to memories.  I have always had the ability to know stuff and it is interesting how I learned to doubt it and I am pretty sure I was told I could not know these things etc.  In other words I have always been intuitive and I know I absorb stuff from other people.  Wed. talking to you helped so much.  Now it is easier for me to figure out, or maybe better way to put it is to know what is my stuff and what was absorbed from others.  Very cool and helpful.  Taking your classes have helped me get much more comfortable with myself and it was also very helpful to know that everyone has intuition and it is very natural.  Also these feelings about previous lives and what I encountered in them are not my imagination.  I got hammered by my dad and my brother growing up telling me I was too sensitive and putting me down for being female etc. You helped me with that in the spring when I was accessing those memories and work situations was very similar to it. Very interesting in how the pieces are coming together for me.  I have always felt a very strong connection to Ireland and Scotland (it sure seems to be beyond ancestors from there and is) and have had what might be called mini flash backs.  There is also that kind of deep connection with the sea and I know I sailed in previous lives.  I am pretty sure more info will come to me as I need to clear it or other things/ways to use it.  I am glad I met you and took your classes.  This is so amazing.  To me (I also know this to be the truth for everyone), look within and all knowledge and GOD is within.  So if people have a hard time doing that or do not know how, your level one class is the best way to start.   I would say for some reason but I am becoming aware of the reason, meditation and looking within for me has been very easy, it is very natural.  I was a bit amazed when my brother’s wife was asking how I learned to meditate, whether I took classes at a meditation center.  I know in previous lifetime or times I did spend time in deep meditation.  The cool thing with the mantras and meditations of Sikh and KY it feels so much like coming home for me.  My eyes still water occasionally very similar to crying when I go deeper and chant more from my soul.  I tell you it is the most wonderful feeling.  You know a little about my history with substance abuse, nothing compares to what I get so very naturally from KY and meditation, chanting etc.  Gobinday is such a wonderful mantra to say all of the time. 
Sat Nam,

Atma Karam Kaur, Norfolk, VA

SATNAM ji,i have really learned some awesome things from your 
mails,may WAHEGURU bless u with all that u do.Hope to meet u some 
day.I had a class with bhai amandeep last month on balancing the 
chakras,it was really good,by the way I'm a level 1 teacher,I studied 
under ____ ____,but I find your teaching even more deep and real.u 
have shown me ways to myself,what a discovery.I would sincerely like 
to thank u for all the mails that u have been sending me,I pray to the 
adorable GOD that I can some day meet u in person.thank u again,hope 
to hear from u soon,with lots of love..........rgds.


I cant tell you how special your classes are to me, what you are doing is so amazing! I feel like my growth has expanded so quickly and it has everything to do with our relationship with soul!  So thank  you!! You & Baba Sidi Chand are definitely  mentors for me!! Love you!!

OK, Colorado


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