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Yogi Bhajan's Thanksgiving Message, 2006

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A Thanksgiving Prayer from Yogi Bhajan
Thanksgiving 1971
Sent Thanksgiving, November 23, 2006 & Nov. 26, 2019

Our thanks to every such environments where man is supposed to grow in peace and harmony, in love and in tranquility. 
Our thanks to all that what is graceful around us and also our thanks to all that what forces us to become graceful. 
Our thanks to that negativity which has made us positive, our thanks to that power to overtake us, which has given the power to love to sustain ourself. 
Our thanks to all those natural calamities which have given us the joy and beauty  that we have crossed them. 
Our thanks to all those sicknesses and weaknesses and laziness which has given the power to triumph over it and give the survival to chant the holy naam.
Our thanks to all those enemies who made us strong that we love to live and our thanks to the Almighty Creator who has created us to go through all this experience in the name of that Holy Name which prevails through everybody. 
That cosmic power which is the instrument of our life and our dignity, that Adi Shakti of which we all are part in one brotherhood as pure Beings, to that height and Consciousness that is which holds this world. 
We pray in Thy Consciousness, oh Consciousness of all Consciousness, to be with us and bring love and tranquility, peace to every heart.


Yogi Bhajan's Guidance on Creating New Beginnings
Today your beauty lies in the acceptance of the principle which doesn’t accept any principle.  Become shelterless, let everything go. 

Reduce yourself to nothingness.  Work on your mind, and pressurize it down and down and down and down to the realization of nothingness.
I was; I was not.  I am; I am not.  I shall be; I shall be not.  All is yours, glory is yours, nature is yours, surroundings are yours, the world is yours, I am yours.  All to the Unknown; ever to the Unknown. 

Levitate your consciousness to total nothingness.  I was not, I am not, I shall be not.  Do not let your mind betray you because your mind and your Soul must at this time unite together.

Yogi Bhajan, "The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan," Hawthorn Books, Inc., NYC, 1977. Page 8.  Click here for ordering information.

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