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What is Soul?

Your Soul is your God Self!!  Pure and simple! 

In fact, you are not just a human trying to have a spiritual experience; rather you are God having a human experience!

You may say, huh?  How can that be?  I have so much pain and confusion going on in my life, how could I ever be God?  God would never do that to Himself because He would just snap His fingers and get out of that.  So, believing that my Soul is actually God is just too far fetched.

But in fact, my Dear Ones, God the Creator is experiencing Him/Herself as the Creation as us—doing whatever we do, and having the challenges, difficulties as well as the great love, kindness, and beauty that we experience!  And God is doing this through ALL of His/Her creation.  So, it boils down to “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all”—including in your Self!*

Our problem is that we don’t realize that we have this amazing, absolutely loving, all forgiving God foundation of ourselves.  Instead, we feel cutoff, abandoned, without worth, guilty, powerless, and so on that makes us miserable.  This condition is generally known in spiritual parlance as “duality.” 

Plus we may have some really outdated residual conceptions that we may have learned from other sources who would like to control us in their institutions by encouraging us to believe that God is really judgmental and punishes us “sinners” whenever He gets a chance—producing profound guilt, disconnect and general mayhem in our relationship with that God.

But on the other hand, when you actually get to know that God—your own Soul, you find that It is the very most loving and supporting energy that you could every experience!

And yes, it is possible to honest-to-God get to know your Soul—your God Self, and you’ll find that your Soul is your best Friend, your great Protector, the One that sees your whole life and lifetimes and is grateful for them, no matter what.  This is the One that knows exactly what is really, really good for you and can guide you to develop your own unique and very important Destiny in this world!  This is the One who will never desert you, forgives everything unconditionally, and supplies you the greatest love and support that you could ever imagine!  This is not an abstract description.  This is an actual, continuing experience that you can have, just by becoming aware of your Beloved Soul and relating to It in the most open and intimate way!  This relationship is what “saves” you!  Really!

And living in this most Beloved of Partnerships is what brings you the greatest contentment and happiness—no matter what.  Stress melts.  Great decisions abound.  You become stabilized in the actual experience of this greatest love and support!  This experience of Soul is not overwhelming and “way out there.”  Instead, it is the very most personal, cozy and down-to-earth relationship one could ever have.

So, to get this relationship with your own Soul, the only thing to do is to become aware of it, and tune in to experience all that your Soul has for you.  It is always patiently on standby for you, most happily waiting to be called on!  You will also find that the many Kundalini Yoga exercises (kriyas and meditations) not only help you dissolve any obsessive or habitual blocks that you may have collected along the way that hold you back from being in this Union—such as fear, anger, etc., but they will also lift your energy so that you can more fully experience your Soul. Try it!

Now at this junction on our spiritual journey, we can tune into and cozy up with our Soul as our Best Beloved.  Over time, as we deepen our relationship and we develop the habit of allowing our own Soul to be step forward more and more through us, then we actually begin to come into real Union with our God Self, merging our “everyday self” with our Infinite Self!  It is then that we finally realize in the most profound way that in fact our “everyday self,” our body, mind, emotions and energetic bodies are all parts of the One—there is no difference between Soul, the Universal God and the “parts” of us here on Earth!  Duality drops away.  In absolute humility, we fully know ourselves as GOD—the Generating, Organizing and Destructive forces of the Universe.  That is what is meant by Self Realization, or complete Union!

But now on our path to that point, our return Home, we are creating such a sweet and trusting relationship with our most kind One, so that we might realize that Union in the future.


Once, a lady in one of my classes was adamant that she didn’t want to talk with her Soul.  When I asked her why, she said that she already had too much to do, and she didn’t want her Soul telling her to do anymore!

When she was finally coaxed to tune into her Soul, she reported that her Soul told her to relax!

This is very normal advice that Soul has to tell people!  As you relax, as you let go stress, worry, perfectionism, guilt and so on, that is when your mind can open to listening to your Soul!  And the paradox is that even though you give up those contusions of mind and spirit that you think are making you more productive/more worthwhile to get cozy with your Soul and follow Its direction, you actually become much more productive and relax into knowing yourself as worthwhile—which allows you to become worthwhile in the eyes of others!  What an amazing circle!

And Soul can give you lofty inspirational feedback if you like.  But more often It feeds people the answers to perplexing problems such as: “What should I wear today?”  How should I best handle this problem at work?” “How can I improve my relationship?”

Your Soul is really amazingly wise, and It can be a real jokster as well!  It is the most profound experience of my life to listen to what each person’s Soul has to tell them, as well as feed them with so much love and support!  Everyone’s Soul seems to have a similar direction for them—that is to let go of harrowing difficulties and create the most full, content, self powerful, prosperous and happy individual!  Each one’s Soul tells that truth a little differently to their person, but it is so very wonderful to see how one person’s advice from their Soul is applicable to everyone else in a class!  What profound wisdom!

Soul can also have us face some seeming difficulty.  But that is because Soul wants us to change—and change to the extent that we no longer experience that situation as a block to calmness, happiness and ease.  So, hanging onto Soul in the midst of challenges and change is so very important and so very rewarding as we are healed of those blocks.  For instance, we may believe whole heartedly that if we gained a certain position, got a certain mate, or made a certain amount of money that we would be really happy.  But in fact, we learn that as we relax all that hurtful striving, fear and worry to live comfortably with/as Soul—that is when our real happiness comes to us!  Living from Soul can then open the door for our very best work in the world to develop, the best mate to appear—or our own mate to change, or to receive satisfying prosperity in ways we couldn’t have predicted!  And then we can work with Soul to improve our lot in life as we work in full partnership with Soul.

So, if you actually want to gain the habit of creating a stress-free, happy life, I haven’t seen any other way to actually achieve that goal in this most lasting and trustworthy way other than by living by the fun, sweetness and greatness of your very own Soul!

And this is a course of developing and enlarging that Soul habit over time.  Remember!  Don’t judge yourself poorly if you slip up at anytime by not remembering to be in contact with Soul.  Just go, “Oh, yeah!  I coulda’ had my Soul!”  And move back into that most wonderful relationship again!  So full, so all-encompassing, and so very, very practical!

I pray that you have the greatest fun and fulfillment with this Adventure of Living from Your Soul over this lifetime, Dear!  Please continue to check out this site for more assistance along your Way!  I invite you to sign up for our twice monthly newsletter with pertinent insights and get free stuff, too!

If you would like my assistance to work with your Soul one-on-one, you can get your Soul Answer, Soul Coaching, or Transformational Healing.  And if you would like to learn to get in touch with your Soul and share the Souls of others, please check out INTUITION TRAINING!

Lots of Love,


*Patanjali, a learned yogi in very ancient India was the very first one to systematize yoga—which actually means Union!  It also means “yoke” as a system and focus of life to achieve that Union.  In the very informative book of Patanjali’s aphorisms called “How to Know God,” the commentary by Swami Prabha Vananda and Christopher Isherwood explains that the word “Brahman” refers to the All in All, the Infinite Everything, the Eternal, the Known and the Unkown.

Then the word “Atman” or "Atma" describes the Soul, which is actually fully and completely—holographically the Brahman.  However, it extends Itself as the very unique individual that lives a life in one body, then sheds that body, and is born into the next body, thus creating many lifetimes.  It gathers all the experiences of living as creation through all of them. 

Yogi Bhajan let us know that our Souls go through 8.4 million lifetimes, half of them in water before the Soul returns to perfect, undifferentiated Union as Bhram.  So, you can see how very precious is having these lifetimes as humans.  We are on our way Home to Union!


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2009



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